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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by TallPaul, Dec 5, 2006.

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    How do you store your sleeping Bags. I used to roll them up and tie them with the strings that are attached to the bag at the bottom. ( Maybe only the cheaper ones have the strings) When I was on a Jr. Elk Hunt earlyer this year a pretty good outdoorsman told me I was not to roll it up that way.
    He was laughing at me while I was trying to get the sleeping bag back into the bag it came in all rolled up.
    I spent about 25 min. trying to get it in the bag. ( and laughing after 15min because my friend came in and couldn't believe what I was doing).

    So what do you do with your sleeping bag after camping and how to you stow it?
  2. Depends on the bag. All the ones I have that have bags like you talked about I re roll and put them back in the bags. I have a couple of nice thick colman bags that ar ethe big ones. One I keep in my bedroll with my foam mattress and sheets, and the other one I just re roll it back into its own cover.

    However. I only keep these rolled for space reasons. They should be stored by hanging from one end. Fully zipped. I do not know the reason. I suspect it has something to do with pushing all the stuffing into a particular spot in the bag so it dosent retain your body heat correctly. But have no idea if thats the reson or not just remember reading on a bag somewhere about that being the correct way to store them. ????

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    I keep my good GI issued mountain mummy bag suspended from the attic rafters, don't ask me why - some Sergeant in the Quartemaster Corps told me a long time ago that that is the way they stored them. My less than expensive ones get rolled and put back in the sack they came in.
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    We unroll them, and stick them between the mattresses and box springs of our beds. I really don't know why. Probably because of lack of space.
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    Well my friend told me that I shouldn't roll it up the way it came. He said that by doing so creates air pockets. This I didn't know or thought about. He said to just stuff it back in the bag that came with it. Now that took me about 5 min. to do. Just thought I would pass that on. Between the Mattress and Box spring.... That's an idea. thanks.
  6. I keep my bags loosely stuffed in very large mesh bags, like laundry bags. The idea is not to store them compressed because they will lose their loft. This is particularly true for down bags.
  7. I have a Butler bag, which is 30" wide, but it gets rolled up.