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  1. And what is PRC? Remember I’m new. Haha
  2. Since I'm relatively new to Arizona, after having fled the PRC, and moving back to America. I've located some good, very promising spots. But, that's the fun of the hunt, searching for a spot that's gonna work, or at least give you the best odds for a successful hunt.

  3. Yes sir but boy there is a lot of ground out here. I’ll get it figured out
  4. Yes there is! Boots on the ground has always been and still is the best way to find the game. The off season is really nothing more than making sure I can find them during the season. Fortunately, I'm finding them less than five miles from my home which makes getting out and scouting infinitely easier.
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  5. 5 miles huh? So where do you live? Hahaha joke
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  6. Ramspeed---PRC
    Forgot the P
    Republic of California
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  7. P==Peoples'
    C==of California

    Amazing what a little sleep does
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  8. Wow Steve look at you go!
  9. image.jpeg image.jpeg Here's a couple of pics from last spring
    Cow with two calves, they usually have one and an
    Albino cow
    The albinos are not common,I was coming around the corner when there she was.I almost took the ditch,I thought it was the ghost of the one I poached the fall before come back to haunt me
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