So what do you shoot???

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    Just curious what you guys shoot for bows. I have an 06 Alpine Denali, set at 70lbs, 31 inch. I shoot Carbon Express 350s. I don't have a real high dollar set up, but I like it. My first year taking up the bow, still awaiting the first harvest. Roy
  2. I own 2 ultratecs and a trykon. Right now I'm shooting the Trykon, 30" draw, 72lbs., Maxima Hunter 350 arrows, 6 pin Toxonic sight, Trophy Ridge stabilizer, Tru Glo Axis180 quiver, NAP 4000 dropaway with a Spott Hogg release.

    If I can sell 2 out of the 3 bows I own now, I'm buying a Vectrix. I have no idea why.

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    Sounds like you have some great set ups. The bowtechs, and the Switchbacks, are taking off like wildfire here in Texas.
  4. Bowtech Allegiance at 64 lbs, Full Metal Jacket arrows with Snyper heads.
  5. Starting from the bottom,

    Browning nomad stalker, 42# @28" recurve, When I can get it away from my oldest.

    Bear Polar II

    Martin Phantom 28.5" 75#draw lefty Sonoran sight, all the bells and whistles.

    Hoyt Hypertech, 29" 68# Sonoran sight, all the bells and whistles.

    Hoyt Turbotech, 29" 81# Sonoran sight, all the bells and whistles.

    Easton Axis 340's arrow weight 435gr including 100gr heads. 27" Either 3" or 2" blazer vanes, 4 degree right helix

    All the kids and the wife have their own bows except the oldest who thinks the Nomad is hers.

    The wife shoots a Bowtec stalker lite.

    all the little ones are still shooting kids long bows. Although #2 daughter is almost ready for a hunting bow.
  6. I'm the oddball, I guess...

    Ben Pearson Diamondback VX 65 lbs 27" draw
    Spot Hogg Sight
    TT Shaky Hunter rest
    Carbon Express Arrows
    Rocky Mtn Snypers (usually) broadheads
  7. Hoyt protech, 69 lbs, 31 inch draw, 465 gr arrow at 260 fps.
    Fusion Sight
    TT Shakey Hunter rest
    Beman ICS hunter 300 arrows
    Magnus stinger Broadheads
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    The most easy way to sum this up is.............What ever works for you :D Correct??? It doesn't have to be the high dollar bow, so long as it is what you shoot and shoot well, there is no problem 8)

  9. Equals nail on the head. If it dont feel good in your hand and it dont shoot good then your better off with a club. If it feels good and shoots well then go with it. I still love to shoot my older bows. On the other hand I cant stand the grips on the bowtecs. Just dont feel natural in my hands. So I shoot the ones that do feel good. Even the old bear is still able to fling an arrow pretty good. Better then the operator, as I still shoot it all natural as it were no release and no sights. Not even a stabilizer. But I can usually keep 6 arrows in a pie plate out to about 40 yards or so. LOL.. [/quote]
  10. i have 2 bows:
    #1..bowtech defender 65lbs,27" dl
    #2..newberry b-1 60 lbs or so and 27" dl

    wife:parker buckshot 24.5: dl and 30lbs for now