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Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by Chief, Dec 11, 2006.

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    As Cochise had mentioned in another post he and I are going back to Parker Canyon to settle a score with wily coyote. He had mentioned either the first or second week of January, well the boss lady has just informed me that the first week is a no-go. So instead of telling her that I was the man of the house and I'll go hunting and fishing with the guys whenever I damn well please I just said in my most manly voice "OK dear". Now here is the story, something for everyone, plenty of room for everyone, can call predators,coyote, bobcat, lion and bear all in the area. For the archer you are in great coues country, for the hiker plenty of trails, fish the lake for trout, bass, gills and cats, for the photographer - you can wear out a finger just pressing the camera button, plenty of birds for the bird hunters and great for dogs. Now, as in all things in life everything is not all peaches and cream, January nights are cold down here, temperatures can be freezing, but days are normally pleasant. My trailer has a limited capacity, 4 at the most, Cochise and I already have used up two of those spaces, the other two will be on a first come first serve basis. There are latrines available at the campsites, along with barbeque grills, picnic tables and fresh water, ten bucks a night per campsite. I plan on being there from 10 January (Wednesday) through the afternoon of 14 Jan (Sunday). This is a chance for bowhuntingmanic to fill that coues tag, TallPaul to kill a coyote, Dutchman to run those pups and all of us to enjoy a bunch of lies. If'n you can't be there for the entire time no problem, come when you can, we may even be able to shuffle people in and out of the trailer for the night, depending on who is coming and when. Easy driving and the road is paved all the way into the campsite.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Just a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.
  2. Chief - How long does it take to drive there, from our neck of the woods?

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    I would guess three hours, easy drive take I-10 east to the Sonoita/Patagona exit follow the signs, believe it's SR 83. You'll need to get gas in Sonoita, no gas once you leave Sonoita, I normally take an extra 10 gallon jug, just to get me home.
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    Garth, you'll never see better looking Coues country than that second picture. I can also show ya some excellent Goulds turkey area.
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    OK, I guess it's the second weekend. For those interested in hiking. There's a nice and easy trail that surrounds the whole lake. It took me about five hours to compete it. That was taking my time to check out sign and what have ya. Have any of you ever got to see an Bald Eagle take flight and soar out over a lake? What a view that was. You can't hunt the lake itself, but there's a whole lot of country near the campsites. It's really nice hunting country. I hope you all can make it.
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    I'll most likely be trying to stick a muley off-and-on through the entire month of January. The rut is generally in full-swing then. Since I'll be hunting the deserts not too awful far from Parker, it's possible I could stop by on my way to or from my hunt trips. Sounds fun, and looking at the pics, that's some great coyote country, but I really want to smack a monster desert muley.
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    I haven't been in that area in awhile. I did kill my first Coues buck right in that area many years ago. I have to ask the warden to let me out on parole for a couple of days, and if things go as planned with the relatives that are invading for the holidays, I would truly love to pop a few birds and maybe a yote or two.
    Do you think I will need my chest waders or just my hip boots to wade through all the bull that will be flying?
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    I should be able to make that trip ( as of now) things should slow down a little a work. I would make it down on the Saturday. BUTTTTTT ,I can't commit as of now. Wish I made it down there the last time. Looking forward to the trip.
    Talked to my (Female Boss) :lol: wife and she just laughed. She said, I better worry about get the time off work first. Weekends are supposed to off, but as of now the end of year push is on. :D
  9. hey Chief,
    I would love to jump all over that, but I will haveta wait until the January hunt.
    I haveta stay close to home during the holidays as I am the only one to run the business then.
    Then I haveta get my pig out of the way......
    How much hunting pressure is there around there?
    Gould's arent open for archery in August are they? :wink:
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    Friz95, hope you can make it. Depending on how long you can stay would dictate which to bring, if only for the day hip boots should be fine, if staying overnight you may need a set of chest waders :wink: