Southern AZ Safety Issues

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  1. quick 2 stories. #1 couple years back i was down by the border coyote/bob hunting. I had parked my truck on the canal bank and headed 'inland' on my quad. I have a sign that i put in my front window..."Dear BP, I am not smuggling anything, i am not a gun runner, i am hunting predators. i startle easily. please do not sneak up to my stand without announcing. you can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx, thank you for your service"

    well i triggered a sensor and mr FNG BP comes sneaking actually duck walking toward one of my stands. he got within about 10 yards and some sticks broke under his feet. i thought it was a dog so i spun around and my AR happened to be perfectly leveled at his chest! I was scared, he was more scared..hands in air. i set the rifle down and asked him if he saw my sign in the truck, he said yes but he did not believe it...??? I immediately had him call for his supervisor, who when he got there and heard the story chewed this guy out so bad he did'nt have any hair left! apologized profusely and left. so did i since the area and my attitude precluded hunting the rest of the day. never have been back to that area.

    #2. down by MEX again but in a different area that has been quite productive for me. i got 2 coyotes and was heading back to the truck which was about 10 miles away by quad when i saw a backpack on a small knoll in the middle of the desert. no signs of humans have ever been in this area except for my tire tracks. well brain kicks in as i drive past it......should i go inspect it??? Leave it alone??? so i'm thinking make concentric circles around it and glass the entire area for vehicles/personnel. ok, no one that i can see. go inspect the bag....drugs?..waypoint the location, call bp. Guns? same thing. Money? hmmmmmm......

    so i get to the bag and grab it on the go. i go at an angle to my vehicle so that i am still a good ways from it, make sure no one is following me, stop and open the bag.......

    inside???? 2 great OTIS cleaning kits, 4 boxes dove shells, 3 MRE's, compass, and some other basic hunting stuff in a great 5.11 bag! well of course i kept it, but i could not imagine a dove hunter out that far, didn't make sense unless they were riding and it fell off.

    could have used that money!!! LOL JK
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    I have a thought on #2 but the cleaning kits and shells are a little strange for my idea. The bag could have been a drug runner's lookout stash. Depends upon how high the knoll was. Generally they post on high points to look for CBP when they have a drug run planned.

  3. we hunt south of Arivaca at least two times a year - coues and javelina. when camping, we set a case of water someplace visible at the edge of our camp. This cuts down on "people" wandering into camp and rummaging through our stuff looking for water and food. we averaged two "visitors" through our camp each trip. Doing this eliminated thefts of small items.

    do not, under any circumstance try to detain anyone. wave, nod, point to some direction of travel and send them on their way. Then, you contact BP and give them the details. This was advice given us by BP. we've never had any problems
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  4. It is always best to leave someone (armed) in camp to discourage raiders/moochers and it is always best to not be out alone anywhere let alone the border.
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    I still love that country and illegals are not going to run me off. In all honesty I still see more border patrol than anything else. We were coming back in from doing some G&F counts way south off of Harshaw Rd. and I nearly got headon'ed by a couple of BP vehicles heading south at a high rate of speed, drifting the curves LOL. Right after sunrise so probably drug smugglers moving north. It was not long and OMAHA was overhead circling. I have been "tracked" by CBP when we drove across one of their "drags". He tracked me for 4 or 5 miles (we were in the SXS) and when we met, as we were coming back in, he asked if we came in off of 82. I said yes, he said, have a nice day and be careful and off we went.
  6. I've been hunting for javalina down near cochise and the locals were pretty unfriendly there. They don't take kindly to trespassing and it's almost all private land.

    Having said that I was perched up on the side of a mountain glassing for javalina and even though I didn't see any javalina, or people wandering the deserts... but I did catch the glint of BPs binos watching me from afar more than once. I also did spot some A-10s and a predator drone.

    Kinda an ugly area too honestly.
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    Yeah, that is not too pretty in that area. I have found that the ranchers are not too bad to deal with but the area has a lot of the same type of people that populate the area around Kingman. They like their solitude and don't cater to strangers :)

    I sat on a hill top and watched a Predator circle me for about two loops at 10K feet before sliding off to the south and the border. There are some dedicated watch stations on mountain tops all along that region. They can read a license plate at 30 miles, even with heat waves. We drove the road along the border at Slaughter Ranch one afternoon and I know the watch point NW of us about 10 miles away was watching. Mobile watch station outside of Patagonia. IMG_0512.jpg
  8. I have hunted and drove around southern Arizona for more than 50 years.
    I have ran into illegals hundreds of times.
    I have seen truck loads of them.
    I have never had a single problem with any of them.
    I don't want them here , but have never had a problem with any that I have run across in the desert.
    I have even given many of them water because they were thirsty.
  9. You got to pick your Poop behind tree very carefully with them watching. :eek:

    They are still Humans like us, Looking for a better life, Ive given water away several times when Ive encountered them down in 35a. No big Deal.
  10. Golden Valley west to Bullhead is Timothy McVey country. It was great country 50 years ago. Sad! JM