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Discussion in 'Small Game' started by DutchmanAZ, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. I'm planning on putting in for the Spring Archery Javelina draw along with my son. I've never hunted
    them before - in fact, in all my time spent in the desert over the past 7 years, have only seen a them once!

    I'd appreciate any info about what unit to put in for, tactics, etc.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Chief

    Chief Guest

    If you put in for 35a and get drawn let me know.

  3. Well Chief, I put in first choice for 35, and my son for a youth hunt in the same. I hope I can bug you if either of us get drawn! :D
  4. Dutchman,

    Let us know what you end up drawing. Chief has his unit nailed down pretty good. I know a little about a few others, and javies are great for getting the kiddos started. Although I only went one for 2 on the kids last year. Both still had fun. And the one I was not able to get in on them was my 12 year old daughter hunting them with her recurve. I have 2 that will be hunting them this year is the draw goes right, and possibly my nephew also. Hes the one who tagged last year. HAM hunt got his with a .357 at about 50 yards. LOL..

  5. Chief

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    Good luck for both of you on the draw. Let me know and we'll go out together, haven't put in yet but will probably do so today.
  6. Chief

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    This guy came out of 35a.