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  2. yessirree,looks like i get to chase em in 22 this year,archery draw!now comes the tough part-finding them little buggers.

  3. Rock on! Javelina in 37B.
    Good news - varied terrain, lots of places to hunt
    Bad news - varied terrain, lots of places to hunt.
    Can't wait to get back out and start scouting again.
  4. Tags all the way around this time. LOL.

    Kids drew first choice jr. turkey in unit 27.

    Oldest drew the jr. javy hunt in 33, First choice

    #2 drew General javy in 33. First choice

    I drew 4a-4b Turkey 3rd choice, and second choice 33 archery javy.
  5. Wahoo!!

    Drawn first choice Javelina unit 35 Archery.
    Drawn second choice Turkey 12A! :roll: I put that down never thinking I'd have a prayer regardless of where I put it.

    My son drew first choice javelina unit 35A rifle.

    Chief - looks like you'll have some company! :)
  6. I drew piggies in 37A, turkey and bear in 22. First time ever I have drawn 100%!!!
  7. Turkey 27 here! Woo Hoo! :wink:
  8. Wow Coues, I put 4A turkey as my first choice and didn't get drawn and you picked it up as 3rd choice. At least I got a pig tag and so did the youngest.
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    Well let's see....I got skunked last spring in the draw, got skunked this fall in the draw, and got skunked again for the spring draw of 2007. I guess you could say I'm batting a thousand the last year and a half. Man, I have got to get my butt over to Corner Archery and buy a bow.
  10. Fritz,

    There are enough javalina tags left to get you one probably in whatever unit you want. Check the game and fish web site. Something like several hundred - a thousand or so tags left. I didnt count but you should not have any problems getting a tag close.


    Ya know funny thing. My cousin did the same thing. His frist 2 choices were the 4a-4b hunts, and he did not draw either. My first choice was the early goulds hunt, then my second choice was unit 27 in anticipation of the kids drawing one of their first 2 choices ( which they did) and I end up drawing third choice. NO idea how that works. Kind of goes against everything I have ever heard about the drawing system. I have no idea. I'm still wondering how I drew second choice javalina when there are several hundred tags left in my first choice unit. Makes no sence to me at all.