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Spring is here!

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They're finally opening roads up here in Flag. That means I can finally go out and do a little fishing. After some tips from a member or two here on where to go, I took off to Ashurst and caught my limit in about two hours.

At one point I dropped my multitool, which belonged to my late grandpa who taught me how to fish, into the lake. You better believe I emptied all my pockets and got in the water to get it back! Took 20 minutes feeling around with my feet and hands at times, waist deep in rocky cold water, but I got it back.

15-17 inch fish, all caught from shore. Had a good time, and I'll be eating fresh fish for dinner!

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Here's a comparison betweenca deboned fillet off of a 17" fish versus a 15" fish. It makes a big difference.
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Fern knows hoe cold that lake is
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Fresh trout fillets with lemon, hard to beat! View attachment 32907
You got rabbit food on your plate
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fern said those little craw traps aren't working let's use the canopy
Hahah man. My buddy pulled a whole 5 gallon bucket over a weekend in 2020. Didn't even put a dent in their population
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Don't you just go to school on that computer thingy
But if it let's you fish while you press some keys!
My son can show you chatgpt :LOL:
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