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Spring is here!

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They're finally opening roads up here in Flag. That means I can finally go out and do a little fishing. After some tips from a member or two here on where to go, I took off to Ashurst and caught my limit in about two hours.

At one point I dropped my multitool, which belonged to my late grandpa who taught me how to fish, into the lake. You better believe I emptied all my pockets and got in the water to get it back! Took 20 minutes feeling around with my feet and hands at times, waist deep in rocky cold water, but I got it back.

15-17 inch fish, all caught from shore. Had a good time, and I'll be eating fresh fish for dinner!

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Here's a comparison betweenca deboned fillet off of a 17" fish versus a 15" fish. It makes a big difference.
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Nice lookin fish. What were you using? I’ll be at woods canyon lake in a couple weeks, hopefully I’ll be eating some fish as well
All fish were caught on worms.

I got some bites on lures, but missed them...
Hell yeah Savageman! I need to come meet you for a day of fishing sometime. Fishing at Ashurst never disappoints. Good on you for carrying on the tradition of being a real man and getting in the drink to retrieve his passed-down tool. Fruit loops these days don't even carry a tool, theyre too busy deciding what gender to be next month. You make us proud!
Lol, thanks. All I know is I was not leaving that lake without that knife :LOL:

You're welcome any time, although who knows if I'll be around or not. But shoot me a PM if you ever head this way.
Man those look good. Almost as red as sockeye
The biggest one was every bit as red. I think it might've been a holdover fish from last fall....

The smaller ones weren't nearly as red, they look darker on camera.
Fresh trout fillets with lemon, hard to beat!
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Hahah man. My buddy pulled a whole 5 gallon bucket over a weekend in 2020. Didn't even put a dent in their population
I'm gonna buy a half-dozen crawdad traps off of amazon for this summer. Going to trap and "preboil" everyday for a week or two so I enough for a boil.
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That was my first time meeting a lot of people from AHT, my wife and I came up just for the day and had the potluck. If I remember right it's Nate (CableGuy) who has the big pot and Camp Chef propane burner?

Nice catch @Savageman2506 , those are some beauties and you cooked up a righteous meal! I'm willing to bet your "nuts" didn't drop back down for a few days after being in that ice cold water! :ROFLMAO:
my voice is still high-pitched.....

If I didn't have summer school I'd volunteer to camp out for a few days and be "camp host". Maybe someday. Fish camp needs to make a comeback, I'm sure its a lot of fun.
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What’s more important, summer school or fishing?
I like the way you think :LOL:

My grades dont though
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Don't you just go to school on that computer thingy
yeah I do some of the time, but I'd be too busy fishing to bother to be on the computer thingy :LOL:
There's a time for the computer, and a time for fishing. The two don't mix.

I'm just kidding, there's no time for computers!!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
You get it.
The first year I brought the pot I borrowed it from Nate. When rangers wife saw the pot she told him you can get me one for Christmas. And the giant paddle for mixing lol
The years after that Nate came and brought the pot himself and loved it so much he came rest of the times.
and as far as the canopy I did not wanto we Khemer a canopy. So I got down to my drawers and swam out and got it
Yup, that's what I did for my knife.

Good times lol
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