Squirrel Camp 2020

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by bearfoot1, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. I agree with SinglShot; nothing more important than mom and family. Take care of things there; wishing for the best, and will watch for your updates.
  2. I'm too lazy to look up, are there fire restriction where we'll be at?

  3. Don’t think there was any last year. Cause I brought some wood and didn’t come home with it lol
  4. Sperry Steve hope it all works out for ya. Prayers for you mom.
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  5. Prayers for you and your mom. Take care of her.
  6. Current conditions say yes fire restrictions. Stage I. No burning anything. If they dont let up this weekend or monday is going to be a doozy. FIRE RESTRICTIONS IN OCTOBER done see it all now
  7. Unfortunately it's looking like I may be a no-show for Squirrel Camp this year, interviewed for a part-time event security position this week and the training is on 10/3. Damn my luck but I need the income.
  8. Weather is looking good low 70s and mid 40s. I saw thats as perfect as it gets. Not cold enough and not hot enough. I won't be at squirrel camp but I will probably stop by after hunting turkey.
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  9. @RickWild I dont know what it won't let me PM you. But i have a turkey tag too. was going to see what we wanted to do. Do we go dutch on dutch tank? hahaha
  10. alright, who is going to the camp? also, if anyone knows how to get there from the meet up point in Flag.....? This is looking like rabbit camp............