Squirrel Camp 2020

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by bearfoot1, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Last year was a nice spot, but a little hard to get to. (If you did not know the short cut like Bear does) May be in the same area but a little more accessible for those who do not favor tent camping. Just my 2 cents worth.
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  2. is this a spouse friendly event, for those who have never been?

  3. Definitely 100% spouse & family friendly!
  4. YES---and kid friendly...a great group goes out (like Rabbit Camp) and all are welcome. We are very tame....as males...lol
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  5. All Family event, we like woman to attend, nice change to hear a Female perspective of things during our conversations, some members may have to watch their language, LOL.. Kids are OK, Maybe Rick will bring marshmallow cannons again also, if he attends, or there may be some from previous camps from members that kept them.
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  6. A little up the road opened up more and had Verizon signal! It's always good to have signal at night to keep in touch with ones at home or other hunt parties.
  7. I'll contribute a folding knife to the prize bucket also
  8. Yep, we have not talked about a competition yet, but we always have one, Biggest, most, ect. Im sure we will this year also. Im going to follow Roadkill and donate a Fixed Blade hunt knife. LOL, better find one before I say that.

    I leave for my elk hunt next week, so after I get done with that Ill take a drive up north and try to find a place along Zane Gray Hwy if I can, will make it easier for members to take I-17 to Camp Verde instead of going to Flag then down Morman Lake rd, should cut travel time an hour or more. Got to find an area with tree rats first.
  9. great idea Bear, find them for us who can't get up before to scout! I'm directionally challenged so whatever goes in the GPS is where i drive, hopefully not off a cliff!
  10. I got several members helping find an area while they are elk scouting.