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  1. I have questions about swapping out the stock on my savage axis 6.5 creedmore. I've had this gun for 2 years now, and I really don't like the factory stock. I'd like to swap it out for a wood one. I found some on boyds that I like the looks of. Now for the questions.

    Have any of you used boyds?
    How is their customer support?
    How much work did you have to do to the stock to get it to fit?
    How would you rate their stock (fit, finish, quality of wood?
  2. I have used boyds on some military surplus, 1903 rifles, i refinished. They were good for that, quality, fit and finish.

    However if I may, i suggest spend the extra dollars and pick up a chassis stock... my savage rifles, prior to stock swap, all three shot under half inch with sub par glass... as soon as i put them in chassis i was getting 1/4 inch groups with little effort.

    The one i have listed, not pushing a sale, cloverleafs shots all day long.

    Savage rifles are excellent quality, put them in a quality stock and you compete with really high end rifles

  3. I like Boyds Laminate stocks. I have used there 90% inletted stocks and their drop in fit. If you are fitting to a very common action the drop ins fit well enough. But I want a custom bedded action. So I almost always get the unfinished stocks.
    As far as customer service, I have had good luck with everything I have bought. But if you are not happy with the grain, or in Laminates if you get a minor glitch, glue spot or a hollow spot in the laminate I have seen others not happy because they would not swap the stock.
    I have only had one stock where the glue showed. It was an Electric Blue and the Laminate glue was brown. I painted the glue spot with blue model paint before I finished it. 10 years later you still cant find it. I also could have sanded that spot out.
    I like the laminates because they are not too heavy but are very stiff, and don't take on moisture.
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  4. My brother got one for his Model 7 in 7mm SAUM, he got the At One stock and the only thing he complains about is that you cant change the recoil pad, besides that he really likes it.