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What do you think of a "subscriber" program?

  1. Heck yeah - I'd subscribe

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  2. Probably, but I would need to know more

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  3. Good idea, but too soon - we need more "regular" members first

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  4. No way, jose - Steve and Marshall are smoking something

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  1. One of the things Steve and I are tossing around is a subscriber program. Over at (where I am a Moderator) this type of program has been very popular. Steve floated the balloon over at the Maine Forums with not much response yet.

    Basically for an annual fee, subscribers get enhanced board benefits.
  2. The whole idea is to give those who help sponsor the site some cool benefits and features to make the site a bit more enjoyable. In return we can pay for hosting costs, forum upgrades etc.

    So right now over at Maine we have kept the price low at $30 for an entire year.

    Some of the features we offer at the Maine site for those who subscribe are:

    - You will receive a special Subscribed Member Title
    - You can create your own Custom Title
    - You will have access to The Cabin - hidden forum for Subscribed Members only
    - You have the ability to delete your own posts
    - You have the ability to open/close your own threads
    - You will have unlimited private messaging (No quota)
    - You can upload images into your signature (1 image max - 500x100)
    - You can upload animated GIF images into your signature (1 image max - 500x100)
    - Can use the tags in signature
    - Allow HTML in signature
    - Can add events to the calendar
    - You will receive a special Subscribed Member logo in your profile if you choose. (OPTIONAL)

    Looks like this:


    More features are going to come soon like free image hosting and more.

    So your input here would be good. ;)

  3. TallPaul

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    Might want to make this a sticky. I didn't see this the other day.
    I don't like polls that don't let you see who vote what.

    Looks like not to many think about this. hmmmmmm.
  4. Even if there are only 5 votes at least nobody thinks Marshall and I are smokin' crack :hahaha:
  5. Chief

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    What does one have to do with the other?
  6. I voted for smokin left-handed cigarettes just so you could have 1 vote in that column......:D
  7. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Steve, Marshall, correct me if I'm wrong. The subscriber option would be completely elective and not mandatory, correct?

    Our neighboring forum, The Arizona Sportsman's Journal, has an elective option to become subscribed members. I assume this would be no different here than on that board?
  8. Yeah this would be all optional. It would be for those who feel led to do it to get some added features and support the site to help pay for hosting costs and forum upgrades.

    So yes absolutely optional. People don't have to if they don't want to.