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    Thanks Desert Rat, I was just talking to my little brother about this last night.
    I didn't know it was up already or I would have printed it out for him.
    You are definitely on the ball.

  2. tyvm but i am not Desert Rat lmao :p :hahaha: :lol2:
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    321 sorry, I knew what I meant to spell. Please accept my most sincere apologizes...........................
  4. :p i thought it was so funny maybe me and DR sr look alike LMAO JK Desert_Rat :lol2: had to say just having fun was a long day today
  5. I can assure you, Desert Ram, that you are much better looking than I am...
  6. i went and bought the book today at G&F
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  7. It is good that they do this--it is very informative-Thanx.
    What I'd like to see them do is put the water catchment book on line.
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    What I'd like to see them do is make the water catchment book useable! You know, like with "real" maps, GPS coordinates, anything.
  9. Mapping gets to be a real pain. FS & BLM Maps use Range & Township--with a little hint of Lat-Long & UTM thrown in. GPS is Lat-Long or UTM period. It is a real pain out in the field to calculate your GPS location on the map. I have the UTM reader and Topo Companion. They work fine at a desk--not to well in in the field. If you can find FS "K" tags--that helps--or witness trees-if you are lucky. Locating Benchmarks works good too.
    Would be nice if they all got on the same page.