Tag Soup Again

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by AzSlim, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Another year, another tag for my youngest to eat. Now she is 0 for 7. My oldest is 1 for 6. For supposedly being the easiest animal to hunt in Az they sure kick my butt. I am 5 for 11, actually 8 for 11 if you count 2 misses with a pistol and 1 with a bow. I think someone warns them we are coming because I find fresh sign all the time, just never the sign makers.
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    If they would just develop a hybrid javelina with antlers, they'd be much easier to spot and harvest. :shock:

    AZSlim, being the gourmet camp chef that you've aspired to be, surely you've refined a great recipe for tag soup by now?

    I have several unfilled tags. Maybe next time we meet up, we can have a tag soup buffet? Just don't forget the Forty Creek. :wink:

  3. You have the main ingredient - good booze. Just chop the tag up in small, bite size pieces and wash down with a big swallow from the bottle. You can also add s&p to enhance the taste but I generally eat mine plain.
  4. Dang Slim, that sounds like my odds on archery whitetail. What areas have you been chasing them in? Sounds like you need to find their early warning system and put it out of comission. LOL.. Better luck on the rest of the year to the lot of ya. Noone should go that long without tagging one of the little beasts.

    Oh and if you have ever believed that what your telling the smaller kids in your hunters safety classes is not getting through, then read my story on my daughters hunt. LOL..

  5. I'd read her story Shane, was just lazy and didn't post the congrats.

    Nothing like the feeling you get putting a kid on game and seeing them get it. Sure beats doing it yourself.
  6. Slim,

    Concur with your assesment. That was about the best hunt I have been on in years. And until anotherone like it happens. ( hopefully turkey season) That hunt will remain at the top of my memories.

    And again it would nto have happened unless a bunch of folks volunteered their time to put on the hunters safety class she just finished. I cant say praise wise to you folks who have/ make the time to put those classes on. The instructors were all very good, and the class was excellent. And obviously she retained quite a bit of the info she learned in the class. And more importantly was nto afraid to call me out on the spot. That really impressed me. Granted I was only going to drag it 10 feet up the bank so we could get pics. But she caught me. I got so excited that I forgoto about tagging it. And she called me on it. Cause that what they told her in class. LOL... I'm so proud. !!! But wont forget to mind my P's & Q's ever again.