Talked With G&F

Discussion in 'AHT Announcements & Forum Events' started by Desert_Ram, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. I talked with G&F just now and this is what they said

    OTC sold 20% demand also put in for the gen deer hunts. this will be a unit by unit they are talking about North of the CO river now 13A there will be a 13 B and all the 12 units as of right now its 5-6 units. they are talking about.
    i still dont like it. i got a bad feeling about this guys. my hair on the back of my neck is raised. he was kind of rude on the phone at 1st so i got a little nasty :smack2: remember i DONT PLAY NICE!!!! then he got nice so we still need to write letters and get then to me PPL i got my loacl archery shop to help out also come on guys.
  2. he called back and was real nice :hahaha: and said he made a bobob its not 5-6 units its 12 units WTF!!!! like unit 1 they had 38% kills unit 17A 28% 12A 22% 13A 22% total number of units is 40 come on GET THOSE LETTERS THEY VOTE ON THIS IN AUG!!!!