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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Chief, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Chief

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    Just curious as to how many of us do our own tax returns and do we use a software program. I have been using Turbo Tax for about 5 years now and am pleased with the results I get from it. Although not pleased with the federal tax codes :x Although I do them early, I normally owe so I wait until the last day to mail them.
  2. This was the first year we used a CPA.........but, with 3 businesses, we had to. Hate paying someone to do it tho, at least we get money back....... 8)

  3. we do our own

    we do our own every year nope we dont use any softwear to them and we got one check back already :D gotta love it
  4. Chief

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    When we had the Guns & Ammo and guide business we used a CPA also, just about have to, codes are to damn complicated for me.

    Don't like it when I get a refund, that just means I gave the government an interest free loan of MY money. Rather have to pay, that means I got an interest free loan. All things considered I just as soon break even.
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    We do ours by hand. Every year. I talked about Turbo Tax and that costs ... what's that $40.00. I am cheap. We get it all done by Jan.31 and send it out the first week of Feb. We get our checks in March.
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    My wife's sister is a bean counter by trade. She does a good job. Sorry Chief, but 10 grand plus a year for the last five years is nice to get back. I know that I pay the government way to much. But that big check sure comes in handy. I just wish that my wife didn't know about it. Them maybe I could buy my own camper.
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    We've owed $1400 for each of the past two years. Sure hope next year will be different, with all the new house mortgage interest and all.

    We use a CPA my sister works for. Doesn't seem to help in the return department, but, we do get a discount for the tax prep. I think it's a "sympathy" discount. :cry:
  8. ifishbaja

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    I buy the Turbo Tax software. It costs around $40.00 initially, but I usually end up making money off of it in addition to what I get back. I like it just fine.

    Doug Gordon