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  1. So like an idiot, I went to the range a couple weekends ago. Shot about 60 reps in the morning. Usual for a weekend (maybe 20 daily during the week). Well my friends wanted to meet up again later that same day. I shot another 50-60 and had to stop because of pain in the outer part of my right elbow (I'm right handed).

    I've researched it enough and it's basically strain from over use and tennis elbow. Just wondering if others have dealt with it and best treatment? I've laid off of it for the last week and a half. I shot 5 shots last weekend, no issue. I shot 10 shots last night, no issue. Still tender, slight pain. Been icing and using elbow brace (not a tennis elbow type; just neoprene elbow brace) off and on

    Any other recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.
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    Had a little bit of that in high school baseball days. Get a bucket of rice or sand and work your hand down to the bottom. Squeezing and twisting. Build up the small muscles and tendons around your elbow. If you have a resistance band there are some excersices, face away from where the band is hooked up to then with your arm parallel to the ground extend your hand out(as if you were throwing something) and then back to 90 degrees

  3. Wrap a wide strip of Velcro around your forearm, fairly snug, and wear it several hours a day for awhile. Fixed my problem. I learned this from a great Injury doctor.
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  4. I dealt with that injury for nearly a year. I could feel it in a tendon at the elbow and the pain radiated down my forearm a bit. I did the same, rest, ice, ibuprofen and it would feel better but then I would go ham (hard as a mother) and then bam pain again. I eventually have had to take it easier but I also never stopped being active so my recovery was probably extended. Ok what I used was kinetic tape and I would tape my elbow and forearm before working out. Lots of videos on how to tape tennis elbow. This somehow moves the soft tissue around so you can move without/less pain. It is a little spendy but I also bought a freeze sleeve and I used it twice a day. Once you have a freeze sleeve you will never want to mess with stupid ice packs and ace bandage ever again. Check it out. I laid off the ibuprofen because I do think taking NSAIDs on a regualr basis will JACK YOU UP! and I think inflammation in the connective tissue doesn't respond the same way muscles do to NSAIDS.
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  5. I did all of the above and then some. 2 shots that only lasted a month each. Stim treatments with cortisone cream that didn't work. Ultimately ended up with surgery to remove the little culed up broken pieces of the tendon in that area and some of the soft tissue damages from those little pieces. Worst recovery pain ever. Couldn't straighten my arm for 3 months and took a full 10 months for full recovery. But good as new now.
  6. Thanks for long recovery time frame, don't need that. Mom l
  7. Preventative maintenance, and I know it's too late for that. I use resistance bands in my exercise routine. It really helps with the archery. Got all my exercises off of youtube. When you are feeling better, you might give this a try, it has helped me tremendously.
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  8. Man I am having these issues currently in both arms. Had to take it easy with my work
    Just had a friend at work come back from 6 months of short term. He got stem cell injections and now says he has no pain but took couple weeks. He paid for it out of pocket as it was considered elective surgery
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  9. Very Expensive surgery by the way, but whatever, if it works so be it.
  10. Thanks for all of the info. I've been icing it less as the pain has slowly resolved. I mainly notice when I straighten my arm out and extend my finger tips upward (like telling someone to halt with your hand). When I do that, I feel a slight sharp pain in that spot. So now, just more stretching, less reps and less shooting days, icing it occasionally and a neoprene elbow brace that does help. I'm taking advil or tylenol maybe 2x/week. Not sure if it's helping but usually, prophylactically before going to the range on weekends.