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  1. well,i an such a bow junkie and like to learn about others methods of tuning in a bow so i thought maybe some of us would explain how we tune up a bow.

    i personally paper tune for centershot at about 6 ft to set my centershot and get the arrow coming off the bow straight.then i walk back tune from 20 to 50-55yds to settle any right left issues as i get further away.i like to keep it simple.so far it seems to work pretty well and i have only had to move my sight up/down a tiny bit when i swap to fixed BH for hunting.anyone else?
  2. I straight line/plumb bob tune from 10 yds and 45 to set centershot. I guess it's a variation of walk back tuning. I'll use a broadhead and fieldpoint to set nock point. When the 2 come together I call it good.

    Paper tuning makes me crazy. I used to do it but have found the method I use now shoots better groups.

  3. yep,i just paper tune at the house with my home made set up ,then like you i walkback/plumb bob for best center shot.
  4. Now be nice to me..

    I use the bow shop to get things set up initially. Yea I know thats a cop out , but he uses a laser to set center, and I have no idea what to set nock. Anyhow. I procede to fine tune it from there, by watching arrow flight, and where the arrows hit the target. I also take into affect what movements do to my "pin gap" If after moving something I start hitting low on everything, then I screwed up and am losing speed so I go back the other way. And if something gets knocked off for whatever reason I have everything marked. If that dosent work, I start moving things until the bow shoots to the pins where everything was marked. Ihave only had that happen once and it only took me about 10 arrows to get it back to shooting out to the extent of my pins.

    So yes I trust the bow mechanic with getting things set up initially. I usually dont have any fine tuning to do when I get any of my bows back from the shop. And he sets me up with turning the peep, and everything else you can imagine when Ipick it up. Including a chrono and arrow weight ( with my own arrows of course). Kind of nice, I get new strings and cables every year, and a "super tune" to go with it. He lubes everything to specs, and tunes the whole bow. If something is wrong when I shoot it the day I pick it up, we go through everything and figure it out. I like my bow mechanic, he takes good care of me, his customer service is excellent.
  5. coues,thats cool to have a good bow mechanic you can trust.i like to do everything myself,so ive learned from archerytalk mostly-take some info in and throw out stuff i dont trust or dont understand.what i have come up with is thats its really not that tough.good form and having proper draw length are really important.keeping your bow maintenance up is a necessity, w/out doing these your just hoping things go well.

    if anyone wants to go to usery sunday i plan on going-the wife wants to shoot her new bow too,something about her out shooting me or something (cant remember, wasnt paying attention :p )