Texas Pig Hunt

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  1. It’s like # 2of the most painful sting ever...

  2. Yes sir they are no joke at all. My son caught one in a trap he likes to make when we go camp...out at Roosevelt. Damn thing was huge too
  3. I was bit by a brown recluse spider on top of my foot. It was gangrene for over 13 months, scab up, fall off rinse and repeat. Had to see an infectious disease doctor for a while. Fully recovered with the only side effects being sore joints and stiffness. Got lucky...
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  4. I know Azblaster I grew up with them. One bit one of our hunt dogs and it died from it...no joke either! Insect repellent does not kill them spiders...nasty
  5. Also knew a girl that had multi-surgery’s like you on her hip from there bite...it almost killed her....
  6. my mom got bit on the webbing between her thumb and first finger! it ate a hold right through the meaty portion of the webbing. took her almost a year to get over it, but recovered. i was going to manually turn on the sprinklers yesterday, and when i opened the in ground lid to turn on the valves, there was a big ole black widow in there! got the spectracide killer and hosed that whole thing down! killed it, but it was taking a shower in that stuff like it was nothing!
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  7. Get your lighter out and it will become a flame thrower