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    Would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    When you sit down for that very big meal please don't forget those soldiers, past and present, who have made all this possible, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
  2. Back at you!


    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!

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    May all your tables be full, and your families have good health and happiness. Along with what Chief said. There's alot of good folks spending Thanksgiving away from family this year. Pass along some good thoughts and Thank Yous to them. It's important that they know that we care deeply about them. Our soldiers have our backs. Now that's something to be thankful for.

    Happy Thanksgiving,
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    Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE!
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    Very cool Marshall.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving guys. That link you posted they have exceeded their bandwidth limit for the month :lol:

    I'll check it out when they come back up online... :wink: