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  1. I get the first post in the waterfowl section.

    I have done a little early scouting and have seen some nice ducks up in the white mountains. I saw a handful of mallards on the rim this weekend but resident ducks dont really count. The early migrators like gaddies and cinnies are here already. I find that the best way to locate new duck hunting spots is to go fishing. Something about water that attracts waterfowl.
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    We were saving it for you.
    I havn't hunted ducks yet, but I did take your advice and bought myself a duck call. I keep looking on the Maps and still can't find River X. :lol:
    Nice to have you here.

  3. Its not enough to just buy a call you must practice grasshopper. Did you get an instructional cd also? They make a huge difference. I recommend the Buck Gardner straight talk cd.