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  1. The anti 2nd Amendment crowd is expanding as you all know. Businesses are becoming SJW’s for some reason. My belief is it’s always bad to mix your biz up in politics but it seems to be a trend today. Do your research before you patronize some of these outfits or hold stock in them. Examples are Dicks, Patagonia, REI, YETI, etc. Don’t let them use your $ to strip away your rights.
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  2. I never have and never would buy a Yeti. Way to much money! I have a igloo I bought at Costco for a fraction of the price and it will keep ice for 3-4 days easily.

  3. And it has wheels & handle. No brainer because I’m kinda lazy. Haha
  4. Hell even the Walmart Ozark trail ones are pretty up there no
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  5. They have to keep up with Yeti. Yeti has pushes the bar pretty high. So other brands are making some pretty good coolers for way less then Yeti
  6. Rtic, canyon coolers, lots of others to chose from. for a lot less and probably made with the same chinese components from alibaba. i think canyon coolers is made here in flagstaff somewhere. REI decision really pisses me off tho, they want to sell their top tier product camelpak because its the same set of companies from savage or whatever gun company. a product that REI targetted customers really want and has a huge market share. frigging morons. never shopped at rei anyways. as for the others like dick, they can do what they need/want/feel like. its their business and if they chose to not do business in the MSR world then fine. its their choice and its also my choice to not shop there. we live in a free capital world and each to their own decisions. but then there are other companies that are held hostage by their shareholders. such as walmart when they got out of the MSR game. majority holders made the decision unlike others that were knee jerk of some jackazz executive speaking for everyone else. now their 21yr old policy thats kinda bs.
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