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Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by Desert Rat, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. OK - Just how squirrelly do you get, waiting for the draw results? Just how bad is your obsession?

    I'm not too excited this year, relatively speaking. I'm drawing on Hunter's Ed points only, and with the house for sale, my life is so chaotic right now, I can barely think of hunting..

    That being said, I am still a little excited...
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    I concur in that I'm hardly excited myself. Moving into a new home has also consumed most of my time and attention lately. I only have 3 BP's for antelope and elk and 1 BP (Loyalty) for deer. Given these odds, I'm guessing that I won't get drawn.

    On a more positive note, I just recently purchased a new bow and look forward (after the move) to getting into the zany world of archery hunting. Since most of the hunts I've applied are during the late fall, my excitement level will increase as we get nearer to the hunt dates. That is of course, assuming I'm fortunate enough to draw any tags.

    Notwithstanding any of that, I will be purchasing an OTC deer tag and archery hunting the rut during December of this year. Something tells me that my rifles are going to collect a lot of dust from here on out. :roll:

  3. Every year, I anticipate the draw with and can hardly control my thoughts. The last few days, I have been thinking, "is this the year for my elk tag?" I am counting down the days until we will know.
    I feel I am overdue with 9 points for elk, but it is my own fault, since I apply for 1 unit. but, I find myself doing that now for anyelope and deer, of which I have 6 points each.
    if I dont draw my elk tag, i will go with someone somehwere, whether it is guiding or just tagging along.
    And, like Dan said, there is always archery deer, turkey and squirrel.
    good luck in the draw guys......someone has to get the tags.
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    This Week!

    Okay, this is the week that we can find out if you are getting drawn for what you put in for. It's down to the wire now.