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  1. I've been going to Rio Salado shooting range once a week to keep my eye somewhat in tune for the upcoming seasons (though I must admit I'm shooting my bow much more). My girl is hoping to draw this year and has been shooting a 22 rimfire. The public range is full of aspiring militia and we heard that if we shot the 22 sihouttes 3 times we could go to that private part of the range and shoot anytime away from the crowds. It seemed like good offhand practice for hunting too. Well the first time we shot it didn't count but got us put into appropriate classifications. This morning we shot and at the end they were announcing the winners and one was me! Seems that with my custom Walmart 22 rifle and bargain basement scope I won my class. Go figure! I guess all that counts is being able to hit the targets! It's pretty hard (offhand from 40 to 100 yards at little bitty steel targets ) and will put enough pressure on you so you may be able to make those tough shots this fall.
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    Congrat's, now you know why you were named Mark. You're mom must've known that someday you'd become a great Marks-man! LOL.

  3. Congrtats mark thats awesome keep up the good shooting.
  4. congrats on your shooting. you did good:cool: