The Jim Zumbo Poll

Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by sremington, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. I took the poll. Surprisingly, 71% are saying he shouldnt have been fired.
    Hearing the name Jim Zumbo makes me irritated because of his alliance with US Outfitters and what they did to hunting in AZ. Then he pulls this saying what he did about assault rifles......aren't these the same guns that our military used to carry?
    Hopefully, he will have to try to work for a living.

  2. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Rumor has it the Nuge gave him a job as a cabin boy. JK?LOL. :wink:

    I certainly don't agree with Zumbo's comments, but to lose everything he's worked for due to one instance of unwitting oral expression, is a bit too extreme for me.

    Remember when Ed Mecham (past AZ Gov) got axed for his "repeated comments" in bad taste? It wasn't until he took it to extremes on numerous occasions that his political career crumbled. Americans are not near so tolerant these days.

    I just wish the same sentiment that's been stirred among America's gun-owners, would arise with the same ferocity against the tide of illegal immigration. But, that would make them "vigilantes". This, coming from a President who said... "we must all remain vigilant in our watch against terrorism".

    Sure funny how he wasn't run out of Dodge on a horse-wagon, like that of Jim Zumbo.
  3. Chief

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    Kinda suprised of the poll results also. However I feel he got his just reward, no pity on my part.
  4. You know that Zumbo ate his elk tag that year, right? Instead of hunting with USO?
  5. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Yes, but I didn't cut him any slack for that "good faith" gesture either.

    Instead of eating elk tags, Zumbo's now eating a bunch of crow and humble pie.

    If the pro-gun mob gets their way, he'll be eating several knuckle sandwiches too.
  6. dave

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    Who's Jim Zumbo and who cares?
  7. Yeah, he ate his elk tag.............after he and his sponsors got a whole lot of letters from AZ hunters, saying they wouldnt support the companies that supported him.
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    Funny thing I got in the mail today. It's an inventation to join the new MAG. Hunting the West- ( I don't think it's new- but is to me) And Big Jim Zumbo has a great Quote on the top of the letter. I just though it was funny with him being in the news.
  9. Chief

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    He may have ate his AZ tag, but I'll bet he didn't eat his NM, WY, CO, etc etc tags. He has taken advantage of the American hunter long enough and in my opinon got his just reward.