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Every once in a while, our lives are blessed. More often than not, our blessings are bestowed upon us without our knowledge. I can vividly remember the day I first met him. It was at an annual forum gathering near Williams in 2005. When he stepped out of his Dodge truck and walked toward the group, he approached with an almost Neanderthal swagger, and with a distinct fashion of confidence. His arms seemed to extend to his knees and his shoulders looked as if he could play linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. When he reached our group, he stuck out his iron-like hand to me and said, "Hi. I'm Creed. Bruce Reed."

Now, I'm not sure what it is in a handshake, or what it is in a mans eyes, but I could tell at the onset of meeting him that he'd be a blessing in my life. We shared a great deal of the the evening together, exchanging stories and talking about hunting. Mule deer hunting in specific. I will never forget when someone in the group handed Creed a current copy of Trophy Hunters Magazine. He thumbed quickly through the pages and then he handed me the magazine. In his usual confident fashion, he said to me, "I don't know about you, but I see bucks like those every year." Well, it didn't take much after that comment to capture my attention. I knew within minutes of discussion that Creed had hunted desert mule deer as much, (if not more) than any living individual in Arizona. His knowledge of hunting desert muleys was evident, and, at times, a little overwhelming. I also knew in an instant that he could write a book on hunting mule deer in the southwestern deserts of Arizona.

Creed and I have fostered an ever-growing friendship since our first meeting. This past December, he rolled out the red carpet for me and another mutual friend named Dave Sipe. For a couple of months prior, he had set out trail-cams at various locations and had managed to capture some 200+ bucks that were hitting some water catchments that he knew of. The three of us finally decided on a mutual hunt date. Unplanned, I drove down the day before Dave did. On day one of my hunt, Creed sends me on my way to sit a water catchment and in the blind that he had built some few days prior. The man is a master blind builder, trust me.

I was only there a couple of hours when the "buck of all bucks "walks in on me. A most magnificent 4X4. I will spare the details, but after 30 minutes of this buck playing with me, I tried to draw and shoot him. Nothing would have it - and the buck walked away.

The next day, Dave shows up around 3:15 PM. He visits a short while and then heads off for another water catchment that Creed had also built a blind in. Some 2-hours later, Dave arrows a nice 172" mule deer buck. Dave returns to camp and solicits our help in finding his buck. It's now dark, starting to rain, and worries set in with all of us that any blood trail would soon vanish in the rain. United, the three of us grabbed our flashlights and headed off to search for Dave's buck in the darkness and light rain. As fate would have it, there was no blood trail to speak of. But alas, Creed yells out from the darkness of the sandy wash below the water catchment and says, "Dave, here's your buck!"

Alone, I went back in January to where we hunted the previous month, again to sit and hunt over the water catchment where that big 4X4 buck came in on me. In the 2 1/2 days that I sat water, I only saw one wide 2X2 and a really small 3X3. I tried to shoot the 3X3, but he busted me and ran off to live another day.

Creed has been a God-send of a friend. He's done more for me than I could have ever asked him to do. In a way, I feel like I disappointed him by not getting my first archery buck, but, I got many lessons handed to me along the way. If any of you ever get the chance, you should take the opportunity to meet Creed. He's a man of his word, a masterful desert mule deer hunter, a great friend, and best of all, a devoted disciple of Christ.

To Bruce, I'd like to say "Thank You" for all you've done. I will never forget the memories, nor the values of a true friendship. God Bless the man named Creed.
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