The Plague is showing up in northern AZ

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  1. Hunters should take precautions now more than ever to avoid contact with fleas on any game you take.
    Here is the link to the article about the test results showing the plague is carried by fleas in AZ.

    This can be cured with antibiotics now a days, but why risk it?

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  2. Aint that special, Im elk hunting just south of Taylor next weekend. I always carry nitrate gloves, at least 10 pairs, in backpack, so when gutting ,Use a pair, then if skinning Ill use another pair and so on, I try to stay as clean as possible and not contaminate meat. I also carry hand sanitizer so when Im done my hands, arms get a good dose of it. Didnt have to worry about it in the old days, now you got to take precautions.
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  3. I get them by the box, blue surgical gloves. i even use them to clean doves. i got 'rabbit fever' when i was about 15 after cleaning a rabbit back in IN and i had a cut on my hand. man that was a bad 48 hours. i still remember the ice baths to get the fever down. that stuff aint no joke! the plague shot was one of the worst you could get in the Army, hurt like hell, but not as bad as the botulism vaccine, felt like you got hit in the arm by a baseball bat!
    supposedly most of the P dogs have it, that's why they leave them lay when shooting.
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  4. Thanks, I dont think Ill ever clean anything without gloves again, except fish.
  5. My part of CA has had the Plague for as long as I can remember. [Southern Yosemite area] You just have to be very careful about fleas and ticks.
    Living on a dairy I always had access to the long exam gloves for skinning duty's. These are the ones that go clear to the shoulder. I shoot a lot of ground squirrels, and its hard to believe how many fleas just one of them can carry! Good Luck Guy's DR