Things That Go Bump In The Night

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    Have you ever had an experience that changed the way you feel about something? Like gun ownership?

    I worked with a colleague who had always been an anti-gun advocate. He told me a story a few years ago about a vacation he and his family had taken in Canada. I can't recall the exact location, but I believe it was in British Columbia, somewhere north of Vancouver.

    As the story went, he and his family had pulled their mid-sized tent trailer for some "outback-style" camping, hiking and sight-seeing. One night, while lying in bed and just about asleep, my friend smelled the distinct odor of cigarette smoke. Being that he and his wife had never smoked cigarettes, their noses were quite sensitive to the odor. Realizing they were in the deep wilderness of BC, and miles from nowhere, fear came over them both.

    My friend whispered to his wife... "do you smell that?" Her reply was a hushed ... "Yes, a cigarette." Well, my friend's first reaction was fear, knowing that an unknown someone was out there in the darkened wilderness with them. Close, real close. Since they had not seen any other campers or humans for the past two days, this event was really beginning to creep them out. Who could it be? And what were they doing out there in the late night dark of the wilderness, and what were their intentions? My buddy began to fear the worse and thought about how nice it would be to have a gun. Reality sat in and he wondered what would happen if their unknown guest had a gun? What would he do to protect his family? He fumbled around in the darkness and retrieved a steak knife from a drawer in their camper. He thought to himself... "great, I hope I'm not bringing a knife to a gun fight."

    Other than tossing and turning, nothing happened that night and the cigarette smoke eventually went away. My friend knew that whoever was out there had left. The next morning, my friend walked around the immediate area of their camp and he found some shoe prints that did not belong to any of his family. He also found two cigarette butts. When he and his family got back home from vacation, he replayed the story to me and asked me for suggestions on a good personal protection handgun. I gave him a few suggestions and the rest of the story I lost track of, but only because I moved to another city shortly afterward.

    I never heard of the outcome of my friend buying a gun, but I truly suspect that he never did get one. I guess I can understand folks not wanting guns, especially with small kids. But what I can't understand is finding yourself in a situation where you wished you had one and didn't. People who are anti-gun just don't think about the "what if" or the possibility of loss of life to a crime-committed perpetrator.

    I can sleep good at night knowing I am able to protect myself and the lives of my family. Because I own guns, I know how to use them, and I will protect myself and others from corrupt intrusion.

    Anyone else have a similar story?
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    Some people learn to late in life, others just never learn. There is not a room in the house that I don't have a hand gun or rifle or shotgun stashed someplace. One evening about 10PM there was a knock on the back door, we live on a dead end private road, clearly marked. Juan, Jose, Migual and about 10 other are standing on the patio when I opened the door with 9mm in hand, they scatterd liked a covey of quail, when I turned around to go back in my wife was behind me with 12gauge, come to our house at night uninvited and that's how you will be greeted.

  3. Great post to make everyone thing and decide what is best for them...I for one am never far from one of my handguns, usually a smith 40.Ty for reminding us we need to have something for protecting our loved ones.
  4. well i never leave home without my glock 9mm after the thing that happened at the gun shop cause you never know when you will need to use it. and i dont want to be caught without it. and when my job takes me up to flag i will take my 9mm with me
  5. The only time I haven't had a loaded gun in the house since I was born is when I was in the Marine Corps. Wouldn't let us have them in the barracks. We didn't have pistols growing up but always had rifles and shotguns whether I was at my parents or either of my grandparents. I spent pretty much all of my summers with one set or the other grandparents.
  6. This brings to mind lots of interesting thoughts that have crossed my mind over the years since marriage and the start of my family life. Right now I'm at work, and workign 24 hour shifts leaves lots to be worring about at home. I am somewhat comforted knowing the wife is very profecient with any of the hand guns inthe house, as are both the older girls. and all the kids are pretty good with their bows. LOL..

    One of the lighter thoughts I use to keep myself grounded while worrying about the family at home, is getting a call from the wife telling me one of the little ones had caught an intruder in the house, and run an arrow or 2 through them with their little stick bows. The thought of that one making the NRA magazine is enough to bust a gut per say. And the real humble thing is I can see it happening. LOL.. Their bows are easy to get to as are their arrows.( field points only of course) And all of them are very protective of Mommy, possibly more so then she of them, if thats possible.