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  1. I only have a couple family guns. I have several older weapons but let's start with my first gun the one I inherited from my grandfather. A lot of squirrels and rabbits fell victim to this rifle when I was growing up in Mississippi

    Remington nylon 66 apache black.


    My grandfather on his 65 HD, thats the sales receipt for it which I still have. Look at the price

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    I will have to get a photo but I also have my mother's Winchester model 61 (.22 pump) that my grandfather bought for her (same that owned the 94) sometime in the thirties. My mom would have been 16 in 1938 so that is probably when he bought it. I hunted with that for many years in my teens and later, after I had moved away, bought my own Model 61. I looked at one that was a 22mag at the time and did not buy it but wish I would have now. So I have a very early model 61, manufacture date in the 1930s and another that I bought that was manufactured in the 50s or 60s. They both are worth some bucks now. I use mine for squirrel hunting but dropped more that one rabbit on the run with it back in the day.
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  3. I don't have any old 'family' handowns, my only really old are my Mosin's, and my M1 carbines. My 1972 S&W Model 19 .357, 1986 Gen 1 Glock 19 one of the first imported, 1981 Para and my 82' Model 586 Nickle .357 that has had only 6 documented rounds fired through it, no turn line at all, got it for $200 from a guy who was dying of cancer and just wanted a party after he died.
    20190205_092523.jpg 20200402_170541.jpg 0.jpg carbine done II.jpg
    Gen 1 G17.jpg
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    nice Lynn!

    That paratrooper M1 would be a cool one to have
  5. Marlin Mark 1. 12 gauge from the 50’s. Grandfather gave it to me when I was 13. Several years later a pheasant flew out between us. I dropped the bird when he was still raising his weapon. I remember hearing him mumble something about “wish I kept that gun”. It is very light and fast. I’ve taken more squirrels, pheasants and cottontails then I can remember.
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  6. From my Father I inherited 3 things, an RCA "thinker" tie bar. It is a silver tie bar modeled after the rodin statue, an onyx tie pin and a Hi Standard Olympic, it is the top center pistol in the grouping photo. He acquired it, unfired, and never fired it. He was a huge ruger and hi standard fan. He felt it was worth more unfired. Well it is one of the only three things I have of his, the rodin tie bar he gave me years before, the onyx pin i borrowed from my step mother for his funeral and never gave back. The pistol and the book he had with it were papered to me so she couldn't give it to her sons like she did everything else.

    The day after his funeral I took it to the range, the value to me is it was my father's so I fired it for him. It will go to my granddaughter.

    The remainder of Hi Standard items I have obtained for him over time and am still looking.






  7. Nice pistols Ricky, good story. Jim, i have the thigh mount scabbard that came with it and a bunch of mags still in the cosmoline paper wrapper. It came from the same guy that i got the glock and 586 from. he jumped with it on the second wave on D Day. I had bought the other 2 guns for $200 each and that was all he wanted for the M1 also...but i gave more. He died about a week after selling them.
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  8. Beautiful rifle! Really enjoyed the history that goes with it too.
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