This sucks!!!

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  1. I got this from work today and boy does it suck big time now i need to really hunt more or not eat store meat!!! here read this.

    FDA Extends Testing to more Protein Ingredients.

    Taking a proactive approah in its ongoing investigation into the recent melamine contamination of pet food, the U.S. food and durg administration willlater this week start inspecting manufacturers who make HUMAN and pet food from protein ingredients imported from china.

    the FDA on tue that its investigation will remain focused on melmine and melamine-related compounds, but-as a proactive measure- the agency will now be testing a wider range of protein ingredients, including wheat gluten, corn gluten, corn meal, soy protein, rice bran and rice protein. other highlights from the FDA news conference: (this will get you sick)
    all imports of the six protein ingredients from china- for both HUMAN and pet food-are tested for melamine and melamine-related compunds:
    Testing will also be carried out on finished food products that contain the six protein ingredients:
    the FDAmat add more ingredients into its screening policy in the future:
    (THIS IS GROSS WONT BE EATTING PORK) Hog farms in six states have received salvaged pet food that may have been contaminated with melamine: authorities are investigating whether any of the hogs from the now-quarantined farms were slaughtered for HUMAN food (we heard yes): the FDA is actively working with the cinese authorities who investigat the two companies known to be the source of the contaminated ingredients.

    thats bad dont you all think? it total sucks!!
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    No good

    I don't like it either Marsha, And how long has this been going on? Seems to me for some time. Oh, but I am sure it will come out that none got in the Human chain. :rolleyes:
    I really think I may go veg head. Not sure if that is any better. THEY don't tell us every thing, now do they....

  3. still becarefull

    tallpaul you need to still becarefull if you go veg head cause alot of the frozen vegies are grown and done overseas yep in china it sucks all of our farmers and ranchers are going under and they go overseas to let you know a month ago some stores were pulling bread off the shelfs yep cause of the wheat gluten. i dont eat bread now cause of it. and will now only eat game meat. lol if i can get a TAG!!! guess it will be rabbits and bobcats for us lmao i will keep the site updated as i get the info from work.