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  1. I had a guy in our last hunter ed class tell me that you can take 4 deer a year in AZ and i told him no one pre year i teach hunter ed and he keep going on about it well i cut him off at the knee's in front of the rest of the class well to say the next day this 50 some year old guy was dropped out :D little o me lmao 5'5 female makes this guy drop out how cool!!!! i guess i hang out to much with Don Martin!! :lol: i had to share that also his name is now in the hands of G & F
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    Wasn't to many years ago that I can remember getting two tags per calender year. We always had left-over tags. That sure has changed with the influx of all the "newbe"s"

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    yeah i know i dont remember that but was told about it just made me mad when he was trying to tell me otherwise and they still hunt 4 deer a year :shock: boy G&F will have fun this deer season checking on them.
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    More Than One!

    You can get more than one Big Game animal per year. Not four though.
    If you get a Tag and you win the Super Raffle. :lol:
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    yeah i know he was talking about the draw and over the counter tags his wife even said yes you can take 4 deer a year :shock: boy this whole famliy was messed up they made there two boys take the class and they didnt want "to kill anything" they were a joke. but they will get caught now.