Those Ancients Before Us

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by AZ~ThunderDan, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Hey all,

    I just wanted to throw up a picture of a prehistoric blade I found back in 1976. It's a paleo-period point that's been classified as a Clovis point. It dates back to 10,000 - 12,000 years ago. I'm always looking for surface finds of prehistoric nature when I'm out hunting, hiking or scouting.

    I recently took it to a guy named Ben Stermer of Western Typology in Scottsdale and paid to have a Certifcate of Authenticity (COA) done on it. It's made from some absolutely gorgeous agatized petrified wood. I found it between Joseph City and Winslow, just south of Territorial Road and between Chevelon and McDonald's Canyon.

    I hope to regularly post some of my nicer finds. This is by far, my nicest point. Rated: G10. Take a second and click on the pic to see the full-size image. Hope you enjoy looking.

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    I might add that during Ben's examination of my Clovis, he could see visual :shock: evidence (microscope) that the point had been re-sharpened on two occasions. He estimates it is now one-third shorter in length than when it was originally knapped. Amazing what the "experts" can determine. If only artifacts could speak.

  3. Great find! Noticed that yours is rated G10, what is the rating scale?
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    A G-10 rating is a totally perfect point, both in condition and appearance. G-9 is near perfect, and so on. Most folks try to frame/display G-8's or above. Finding a G-10 point is a tough task. I'd estimate that for every perfect point that I find, I find a hundred or more imperfect ones. The fact my Clovis is thousands of years old and a G-10 point, is remarkable. Ben estimates the value of my Clovis at $5K and up, depending on the buyer. BTW, it's not for sale!

    Here's a picture of a Clovis point that Ben Stermer recently purchased for $1500.00. He said he's been offered $2500.00 for it by a couple of other collectors. This particular Clovis is made from "fossiliferous Chert". I would rate this point a G-9. Notice the tip and slight base damage. Still, a very nice Clovis specimen.

    And a link to his website, Western Typology:

  5. We need to get together and go head hunting Dan. After the monsoon rains there ought to be some good stuff uncovered.
  6. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Uhm... I've only been ready since February. :roll: Let me know when, I'm sure I can arrange it.
  7. I too like to look for that stuff. Those are great points. Far better than anything I've ever found.
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