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This is a long Read and life changing for the rancher !!
This is a long Read and life changing for the rancher !!
It's not like you don't have time on your hands🤣
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I'm afraid that any semblance to individual freedom and liberty (hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, et al) will be entirely stripped from our next generations with these types of expansive changes, absent any Congressional control or oversight. This is just one more example of government abuse from the overlords who head up these types of agencies and by those who chose to weaponize these agencies to meet the specific agendas of special interest groups and admitted ecoterrorists (like Tracy Stone-Manning) and oftentimes without any appreciable public input - or so it seems.

What's most worrisome to me is statements like these;

1) David McDonald, an attorney with the Mountain States Legal Foundation, called BLM’s new rules a “game changer” for how public lands are managed.

2) “Under this regulation, ‘conservation’ would be a ‘use’ just like mining or timber,” McDonald told The Federalist, adding that “the devil is in the details.

3) The new rules appear to come straight from BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning’s 1992 graduate thesis. While her 2021 nomination was controversial primarily over her history as an ecoterrorist, Biden’s BLM chief also condemned public grazing and promoted a Chinese-style child cap. Stone-Manning now oversees 155 million acres of grazing land, about the size of Arizona and New Mexico.

So much of this has a Bernie Sanders ring to it, at least to me it does. I don't think it's ever been argued that our countries best "conservationists" have always been regarded as the outdoorsmen and women who pay the lions share of funding conservation practices through license fees, as well as ammo/tackle sales. I see this as one more cog in Klaus Schwab's Great Reset. Anyone remember receiving a ballot to vote for this WEF authoritarian?
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