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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Chief, Mar 16, 2007.

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    You guys have any idea of how much time you spend in the field - hunting, hiking, scouting, fishing, camping? In the past 210 days, I have spent 115 days in the desert or the mountains. This retired life is tough - terribly time consuming as you can tell :D
  2. Chief,

    I'm more then a little green with envy. Last time I actually sat down and counted. I came up with close to 60 days a year. Not quite as many this last year but should be within a couple of days of that. And this year I have been lucky in scouting and have not had to spend as many days out hunting as I have in the past.

    And if the credit card stuff is correct, I might be up north quite a bit this fall.... LOL


  3. If you count every day I spend and hour or so walking around the place or surrounding ground then it's a lot of days.
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    I know what you mean Jack. If I counted the time I spent walking our backyard or just glassing it from the patio it would be 365 days per year. Not a day goes by that I don't spend some time with the spotting scope and/or binoculars looking at this view or walking it. Just a few of the creatures we have seen up there - Lion, Bear, Coati, Skunk (Spotted and Stripe), Javelina, Coues, Birds to numerous to list, Border Jumpers (Mexico is just on the other side) Border Patrol chasing the Border Jumpers.

    Place is going up for sale on 1 April - any takers?
  5. Up for sale,

    Where are you going?

    Can I come along?

    LOL.. Seriously, your moving? That could be good or bad. Who, what, when, where. ???

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    Going to become a city boy. Can't take all the construction going on all around us, bulldozer, frontloaders, cement trucks, now they even want to pave the damn road. Told the "newcomers" that it was dirt when we moved in, was dirt when they moved in, if'n they didn't like it why in the hell did they buy. We decided that if we have to live around civilization may as well be in the city and enjoy all the vulgarities of it. If'n we get what we want for it, we will move up to MT for the spring and summer months and back here for fall and winter.
  7. Chief,

    Going to become a snow bird?? I'm more envious now. But that would give me a good reason to visit that part of the country. My brother is just north of Spokane Wash. Cant be to far from anywhere in Montana or Wyoming.

    Now is there any way I can still get into your soon to become not back yard?? Come Sept I would like another chance at that certain critter I seen this last hunt. LOL.. Goign to hae to get down there and return your pole and have you show me that trail head.

    Good luck on finding a buyer soon, and getting good acerage up north.

  8. not

    well we dont spend that much time out in the field anymore we both work full time and are co-chairs fora chapter of NWTF, my other half is VP of a sportsman club we are match dirctors for our archery range, we do a big ranch clean-up, and a coyote hunt plus a kids fishing day and teach 4 hunter ed classes a year. and we do other things in our town. but when we do get a tag to go on a turkey hunt or elk we do love to go. we do deer archery. :D if all this counts would say we spend a ton of hours in the outdoors.