Tips For The New Hunter

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    · Always shower with odor free soap and shampoo. NEVER use any body scents. I shower with baking soda, it’s cheap and works.
    · All camo must be odor free
    · Wash hunting clothes with Baking Soda DO NOT USE LAUNDRY SOAP
    · Air dry if possible
    · If you use a dryer DO NOT use dryer sheets
    · I recommend prior to washing your camo to clean the washer with a box of baking soda to eliminate any fragrance of fabric softeners prior to washing your camo.
    · Avoid any odor that may contaminate your clothing after washing. Plastic bags work great. I also put a sock of baking soda in the bag.
    · If possible dress in your camo in the field.
    · An old clean sock filled with baking soda should be placed in your hunting boots
    · I spray and use Safari Sneakers to cover my hunting boots in the field.
    · Mud works also

    · This is one of the most over looked areas by hunters.
    · Your vehicle contains an extreme amount of odors that you do not smell, but the game will.
    · How about that car wash air freshener? The odor of fast food you just bought?
    · The many items stored within the vehicle. They ALL have odors.

    · I recommend and use several boxes of Fridge-N-Freezer be placed in your vehicle
    · Or Odor Eliminator that is activated charcoal that does an excellent job

    And last but not least
    For a successful hunt you must remain quiet and motionless.
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  2. thanks i'll take some these to use , trace

  3. Very accurate this post. Thank you very much!
  4. What about the jack daniels from the night before? Haha
  5. I have broken every one of those at one time or another and still had success. There are a few dumb animals out there for some of us.
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  6. This year now that I’m older and slower I hope to find a cow that is hard of hearing with a
  7. The problem with the clothing preparations listed above is that after a single day of hunting, your body has already created more odors that have permeated your clothing. Cover scents work to an extent, but the one bit of advice I would give a person new to hunting is to always play the wind. Even if you've prepared your clothing and body, your breath can give you away. Conversely, you can go days without washing your clothes and body and still be successful. If an animal can't smell you, they're less likely to spook, even if the see you. Keep the wind in your face. I know it sounds too simple, but it's a proven fact.
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  8. Wind direction is everything. I have stood stock still, with the wind blowing in my face and had them walk within feet of me and then had them bolt when the wind changed. I was sitting against a tree, all camoed out and had a fawn walk up and sniff the toe of my boot. That sent her into a panic which then caused all of the other deer to run wildly in circles. Pretty funny to watch.
  9. My luck is the circling wind.always my luck
  10. If new hunters are actually reading this, here's another important tip. Although the best view point is from the top of a hill/mountain, don't stay on top. Your silhouette against a blue sky can be seen easily by animals from great distances. So, travel via side hills far enough down the hill to prevent your silhouette from being seen, yet high enough to have a good vantage point. Often times that's where you'll find game trails (beaten down paths used by game animals and cattle).
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