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  1. The issue with the clothing preparations is that following a day of hunting, the body has. Cover aromas work to a degree, however the 1 piece of information that I would allow not used to hunting to an individual will be always to play with the finish. You can be given by your breath apart in the event you have prepared your body and clothing. You succeed and still will go without even washing the body and your clothes. They are not as prone to want to spook though you are seen by the When an animal can not smell you. Maintain the end on the mind. It is a fact that is proven, although I know that it sounds easy.
  2. Sounds....never mind. Haha

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  4. Oh yeah here we go! I found the hunting grail. Hippy body juice one with the earth and all that. I'll have elk eating out of my pack now.

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  5. Just used it. Works great. Got out of the shower, squirrel runs in, up my back and hides a nut. Boy howdy this is good stuff.
  6. At least he left a nut and didnt take one!
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  7. I’m a frequent reader of the site and love the banter but don’t comment much, however I feel like we have a lot of new hunters lately and I’d like to share my advice. Sorry if this is any repeat advice.

    1. Get the Regulation booklet from any sportsmen’s store or game and fish, sit down, and annotate it with a highlighter and pen. It is a little intimidating when you look at it as a whole but I promise you if you take your time and read through it while highlighting info relevant to you and your hunt, you will ask yourself why you didn’t just do that sooner and it would answer the majority of new hunter questions on this site. If you’re a good reader the annotations are probably unnecessary however I suck at reading haha.

    2. If you have the means get onX maps. Knowing where you are allowed to hunt legally was one of the the thing I struggled with the most. I am a millennial (damn lazy ass millennials haha) so the technology is huge when you get better with the app and you can mark all sorts of things from water to bedding areas to patterns.

  8. Great advice! I know everyone says the regualtions are where to start, but it is so true, and there is very valuable information in there, especially when it talks about units, and species location.
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  9. move slow, hunt with your eyes more than your feet. You'll see more game sitting and using binoculars than you ever will stomping through the countryside. I like to be out in the field before the sun comes up, find a place where I can sit and glass without standing out. Then, once it becomes legal shooting light, I start glassing.

    for me glassing is done in three parts: first I do a general sweep to note the terrain I can see, trying to identify thickets or areas that are likely to hold game.

    Then I start doing more methodical sweeps, looking for game trails in or out of those areas.
    Finally, I start picking those areas apart slowly.

    Then I take a short break and repeat the whole process over again.

    how long I remain in this are depends on the wind, how good it looks, and how much other terrain I can move into quietly and without sky-lining my self as I go.

    if I have to crest a hill or a ridge, I assume there is a critter on the other side looking up. I try to keep a bush or tree in front of me when I reach the top. then I pause behind it and try to pick a path that minimizes exposure.
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