Tips For The New Hunter

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  1. Move slow. Be patient. Don't look for animals, look for parts of animals. Watch for movement. Play the wind. Pattern other hunters. Use their movements to your advantage. Remember, there are very few places in Arizona where animals can't smell humans. Between bird watchers, hikers, nature lovers and people just wanting be outside, human scent is everywhere. Animals don't run at the the first whiff. If they did, they would be constantly running. They only run when the scent is associated with a threat. They don't run every time they smell or see a coyote or mountain lion, it's only when the coyote or lion starts acting like a predator. The first indication that you're a threat is when you lock eyes with them. Never look an animal in the eye. That's when they identify you as a threat. I once watched a raghorn bull elk put his head down behind a few scrub oaks and stand perfectly still while two bowhunters walked within 50 feet of him, chatting away as they walked along a trail toward the road. After they had made a turn in the trail, the elk walked down the hill and between my hunting partner and I. He was within 20 feet of us. We were both doing our best tree hugging routine and turned our faces away from the elk. He never knew we were there. Unfortunately, we both had cow tags. That was at about 12:30 in the afternoon. Be prepared to hunt all day, not just early and late.
  2. I have hunted for more than 50 years.
    I have killed everything you can legally hunt in Arizona except bighorn sheep. Never wanted to hunt sheep.
    I don't wear camouflage , I don't wash my clothes in any special way and I don't use any scent block. I wear the same clothes hunting that I do any other day of the week.
    Being quiet , moving slow and lots of glassing works better than any gadget or camouflage ever will.
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