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Toto Creek 5-25-23

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Went to Tonto Creek this morning early, was standing at creek edge at 5:15 am, managed to catch a few, this one was the first. Lots of sign of elk near creek, looks like they were shredding branches to get rid of velvet. Water flows are still a bit high, but the creek is finally fishable for most part. Not to many people around, YET !!!
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Thanks for posting. I used to love fly fishing, but in AZ, opportunities are more limited. I've debated trying out tonto creek, but your statement " Not to many people around, YET" is exactly why I havent. I like to fly fish without much of a crowd.
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Fly fishing Tonto is such a waste, no room and to many dam willows. Go up during week to be more alone, never totally alone sorry to say.

Now the tenkara rod is a different kind of fly fishing, made for AZ. !!!!
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