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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by bearfoot1, May 17, 2020.

  1. If you need help eating the rib roast, I bet there are a few of us willing to drive over and help out. Just the kind of guys we are here on the forum.
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    So, today we left Alpine. I really had not intended to stay past Thursday but decided that the air was so nice and the hiking and trail riding was so good that we would stay a day or two longer.. We made a 5 mile round trip hike in the Escudillas and found some lion track, a few nice little springs and great fresh air.

    We packed up this morning and the traffic was not bad. It was getting a little crazy around Alpine for me but that is so far from anywhere that it never gets too bad.

    A steady stream of cars, trucks, campers and trailers with UTV/SXS starting at about Heber. At about the Rim things got to be a big joke and generally a cluster with sideXsides running along the side of the highway, campers everywhere and morons everywhere.

    Things went fairly well to the Bee-Line turn and then we passed a two lane dead stop line of cars, trucks and campers from the light until about 10 miles south of Payson. Where they hell do those people think they are going to go? If the forest was not full it will be in an hour or so. I cannot think of enough names that fit these idiots.

    I seldom venture out on major holidays and planned this one some time ago. Am I glad I was leaving today? You betchem Red Rider.
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  3. At least the NF CGs are opening back up so that’s something.
  4. There were people camping at every little pull off they could find or in Wal Mart parking, REALLY, Come to camp in the woods and end up in a parking lot, Crazy. On the two way radio I heard, people were camped out along Houston Mesa road, Vehicles parked along road and set up camp, the funny part theres a stretch between second and third crossing, Road is lined with "NO PARKING OR CAMPING SIGNS", Forest Service LEO caught them all, went to every camp, told them they had 30 mins to move their camp and Vehicles or everything would be confiscated and vehicles towed to impound. I went to area in my truck, I HAD to laugh my ass off, They figured with so many no one would say anything, WRONG, I was there, IT was Funny, a bunch of ants throwing gear in bed of truck, open doors, getting filled. They were mostly gone in 30. And the Language coming from that mess, well some of the worse Ive ever heard, and it was THEIR OWN FAULT.
  5. Good morning to all- Bear and other Brothers out west-
    Perhaps some of you are old enough to recall that old Janis Ian song that said, "They take paradise and put up a parking lot...".
    That's kind of how I see many places- not just out there, but perhaps more out there than anywhere else I've been. Arizona has some absolutely wonderful outdoor locations that can be so nice. But when we were out there, when we'd find a wonderful place and sit down to take it in, too often some yahoo would come stomping along, and usually they'd have some sort of unpleasant loud music coming from their portable players. I find the same thing on some of my kayak floats down here on the coast. Get settled in for some fishing, look at the birds and critters around, and here comes some natural-born fool on a jetski with loud music blaring and running up the engine noise. I guess we can't help having idiots around, but why do they have to be so damned LOUD?
    I hope the crowds clear out for you all. Perhaps you ought to have some sort of IQ test administered right at the Phoenix on-ramps to the roads up north and east to the high country. Before anyone can go to the high country they have to show they have normal- or above-intelligence. You probably wouldn't want to have such a test for folks going WEST- they might fit in just fine in California.
    Of course, if they did that sort of testing-thing here in Alabama, there might not be many folks who ever got to go anywhere. Just saying.

    good day to all- Ed
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    Ed, there is also a song by Don Henley (and sung by the Eagles) called "Last Resort" that says it all. " You call someplace paradise, kiss it goodby" It was written about what is happening in the west, but applies to much of what is happening to our paradise locations around the world.

    Bear, I made a comment to my wife as we were passing this long double line of cars and campers. "Where the hell do these people think they are going to go"? Add to that the off ramp at Saguaro Lake was blocked off and manned by LEO. They could turn around and go back to Phoenix and that was it.
  7. I heard that also, Saguaro Lake rd Closed, Ussery Pass, and Bush Highway closed early am yesterday, So many yahoos out and about, cars everywhere, drunk people walking in and out of cars, walking out into traffic, LOL, what a mess. I guess so many only one lane open down the middle. No common sense. Thank GOD they closed it before someone got killed. Im so thankful I stayed home. Tomorrow after work, we are driving back to yard to the east, The west bound will be backed up to Preacher Canyon, sounds like fun, HUH ?
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