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    Any of you guys use them? I would like to buy one, just not sure what to buy. Any suggestions?
  2. Mine are old time, they are 35MM. The best ones to get are digital. I know Walmart sells the stealth ones, and all of them have come down on price quite a bit. if you have the time, you can build yer own. The directions are on
    I have trail cam pics from the last several years on my website,
    It is a blast to see what you get for pictures, I always am when I get a cat.
    Just be careful where you place them, they grow legs very easily. My preferred placement is about 15 ft. up a tree and face it where you want pics. Then someone has to have steps or a ladder to get to it. Plus, most people dont tend to look up when checking out an area.

  3. I have one of the 35mm, and one of the Wally world special digitals. The digital has caused me some head aches in gettting it set up correctly. First time I placed it i pointed it east. and had several pictures of the morning sun. The camera has an infrea red sensor on it, and the rising sun set it off several times each morning. But after I figured that out and changes the angle on it , it has worked pretty good. Got a couple of decent pictures of an Owl that was using the rafters in my parents barn as a table. Had a few problems with that set up, but ended up with 3 real good pics. So with the digital I'm still learning. Its eating 6 volt batteries like they are going out of style. But other then that I'm starting to like it. Beats waiting a day or so to get the film developed to find you have 20 pictures of nothing and 3 pics of quail. LOL Now I jsut erase the unwanted pics. And dont even have to print them. I jsut look at them on the TV, and go from there. LOL

    Chief I need to get down there to see you one of these days. I need to return your fishing pole. LOL . When I get that chance I will bring both of mine and let you look at them.

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    Thanks. I might have to put one of them on my list for Christmas. My biggest concern is the illegals that come through here on a regular basis.
  5. My next chore when I make it back up to the ranch is make a case that I can stick it in while its out. One of those cases made of 3/4" angle iron and expanded metal, that can be chained to a tree or something else non moveable.

    A friend of mine who has several of them out, takes the time to pack in cement, T-post, and all the trimmings and actually concrete them in. Apparently he lost several of them before he started concreting them. Now he dosent lose a one. It actually suproses me that he lost some. I know where he puts them out and am really suprised that they were being found, much less taken. Hes a master at hiding them.
  6. Ok, another reason to go digital............I pulled a camera today and was excited as it had 179 events!
    I took the film to Walmart, and anxiously waited the hour to get my pics back................and all I had were stinkin' ravens!
    One roll of film for a bunch of ravens.........GRRRRRRRRRRRR :frusty:
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    Trail Cams

    I was checking them out this pass weekend. Now it looks to me $ 200.00- 400.00 for a good one. And now I see a portable Battery Pac for $ 40.00 and up. Now I would have to worry about someone seeing Two things :cry:

    Does anyone use these battery pacs? They are as big as a car battery.
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    I have a StealthCam I390 (a.k.a. STC-AD3, 3.0 megapixel digital), about $170 from Wally World. It takes a good picture, but the trigger time is a bit slow (about 6 seconds). It does not make a good "trail" cam because it is just too slow to catch critters walking by. It needs to be mounted somewhere that the animals will linger for a while, like water. Although I have found that the animals linger a bit too long around salt, and I ended up getting hundreds of pictures of the same herd of elk the one time I put it up over a salt block near a tank.

    I use an external battery (it is not really as big as a car battery) since I sometimes leave the cam out for over a month. I actually have two external batteries and two memory cards, so when I check the camera, I just swap out both. I, too, tend to mount my camera out of reach up a tree, but also chain the camera and the battery to the tree, just to be safe.

    I have not had any problems with illegals. As you can see from some of the pictures at the link below, they tend to be too focused on looking for "la migra" to worry about game cams. Here is my online photo album:

    I will be checking my camera tomorrow, and should get more photos posted on Sunday.
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    Cool Pictures

    RK, Great photos. Man a lot animals came in. I like those two mountain lions.
    Now I know where your Avatar came from. :mrgreen: That cracked me up.
    Thanks for your input about your Cam. Hope to see more of your photos, please post when you can.