Trail cams and when the end of the trail has been reached

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  1. Like a lot of things, the price has come down over time, so everyone and their brother can now buy a few!
    This image was from a spam email I received this morning!
  2. I use 4 cameras, however not on water. I know deer will be using the water. I am more concerned on how they get there. Yeah I don't get as many pics, but I feel it is more useful. It might just be me also, but I feel that deer might be more cautious at water than they are on a trail.
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  3. I use them initially on water but it is to try to find out which way they are coming from later i move them looking for paths
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  4. The commission came close to outlawing them during hunting season a little over a year ago.
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  5. Put yourself in place of the rancher who pays to maintain the tank. Hunters sit on the tank in a blind and keep your cattle from accessing it. The early archery deer hunters are the worst too! Sit in a blind sun up till sun down!
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  6. I have never seen cattle pay a bit of attention to people
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  7. "If you see a ton of cameras at a water hole... you better put one up" Thats what I have been told and seen why first hand... always something worth seeing

    I am with Ricky, if I have one on water it wont be for long just to see what critters are coming to the water.
  8. They pay attention to me :p Just playin a litttle devils advocate. Personally, I’m trying to avoid this issue. I want to be able to have hunting access to the tanks. That’s my major concern! I find the whole camera thing comical! Thanks for posting!

  9. You have got to stop trying to milk the bulls, they will ignore you then. They don't like that
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  10. :eek: No bulls! I only jump tanks with the dog and maybe a couple friends! I will shoot any legal bird off of them!
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