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  1. Quad...that is the issue. But if I got a trailer long enough, why could I not still have room for the quad on the back half and when it was off, like a patio ;-)
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  2. As I am looking for the "perfect" trailer...can anyone help me with the measurements of a typical quad size? What dimensions (either driving on the side of the ramp or from the back) that I need to allow? Will go by a shop later this week to measure, but just looking for a rough idea.

    Found two possibly trailers:

    I think either would work-just need to check the weight for my truck to pull when all done (Toyota Tacoma)...Like the first one for the aspect of putting generators and stuff on--and a little larger. Thoughts from those of you that are mechanically skillful? I am out of my comfort zone but eager to do this project...

    Bearfoot--where we went squirrel hunting, would you see any issues getting either of these back into that type of area?

  3. No, they need to have at least 15 in tires for the ground clearance, both are nice trailers, I could use one that size also in business, But Im a little cash poor right now as I just bought newer work truck for myself, sold the 1 ton so ADOT will quit stopping me.
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  4. Thanks Bear...15" tires, got it!
  5. Every time I go to or through Payson I see Adot having someone pulled over...they just pick them apart up there huh? I guess I can see why...lots of wildlife areas, traffic ect. Can’t have a trailer with no brakes...if you know what I mean.
  6. Jumping Jack trailer may be what you’re looking for. Excellent ground clearance, fast setup and you can carry quads, bikes just about anything on top.
  7. I have seen the jumping jack and think they are great. My only thing, not really able to have it set up and ready to go all the time (secured). Not that that is an issue for them, can put bins on top and move them to the truck when ready...might be the answer....they do look great. And easy to set up/take down...add stuff if needed...
  8. Well I pulled the a Jumping Jack 6x8 trailer today...already love to the site. Got it at Tom's Campers up in Mesa--boy they were busy but very patient with me. Got a "good" deal as well, I think. Anyway...will have it at my hunts!!! No more climbing in and out of the bed of the truck.
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  9. Alright Steve, Im staying with you. on piggy hunt. HAHA. I got a hundred questions for you, Ill ask when we get to stinker Camp. Way to go, Big step up from truck camping, thats why I went to tent camping, alot easier then towing a trailer. Now yu got room for quad also in the future.
  10. Congrats Steve.