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  1. I am in the market for a new tripod, Have been doing a lot of web shopping trying to get any idea on what is the best. I want this to be my "last" tripod so looking for an excellent quality, lightweight, sturdy, tripod. I know the outdoorsman tripod is rated very high and right now that is top of my list, it is a bit pricey though. Would appreciate any input to include make, model, pistol grip or other type head, apx price, etc, etc. Thanks

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    How about a Bump on this post. I am in the market also.

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    Wish I could help ya, but I can't. I buy the "el cheapo" at Wal-Mart when they go on "Blue Light Special", however the last one I bought has now lasted me at least 5 years.
  4. If you want the best, you are going to pay for it, but a Bogen with a fluid head is the only way to go. They make 2 styles, one is about 1' taller than others. They are heavy, but a 20 mile an hour wind wont tip them over.
    Sometimes you can find them used. I had 2 at 1 point, because I picked one up for $100 which is less than 1/2 price.
    Keep yer eyes peeled and see if any show up used.
  5. Cabelas cheapy.

    Holds my 10x22x50 Nikons real well, packs pretty good, only runs about $30, and can be rebuilt/resurected with a little redneck engineering and last several years after its initial demise. Plus it only weighs about a pound or so maybe lighter. I have used the Bogans and other custom made heads and tripods for that matter. Its not withstanding that you get what you pay for, however I cant seem to justify spending that kind of money( $300) to hold my binos ( $200), when my tripod ($30) works just fine. :D But again my tripod has been repaired ( actually rebuilt, pinned, glued, taped, drilled) several times. which probably would not have happened to a Bogan.