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i got this from another site i know the guy who posted it so read it omg lol

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Lessons Well Learned


I have a friend that I grew up with. He just bought his wife a new computer two weeks ago. Apparently, she has been on it from daylight to dark since he brought it home. Yesterday morning, he asked her to get off of it and help him fold some clothes...She barked back at him telling him he could handle it himself. Of corse he responded with a few choice words and demanded she get off and help. (lesson#1 - Dont let the computer get in the way of your family)...She immediatly threw a 20oz coke bottle at him and told him he was not going to tell her what to do, then grabbed a calculator and threw it at him and hit him in the back with it. He picked it up and threw it at the computer monitor and spiderwebbed the brand new 19" LCD screen on it....Like pouring gasoline on a fire, she jumped up, grabbed him and ended up ripping his shirt off and scratching him up pretty bad. Then she ran into the bedroom....he heard a lot of beating and banging going on and went to see what she was doing, He said...."I was horrified, she had my brand new Mathews Drenlin by the bottom limb just a wearing it out against the door frame and beat the brand new Sword Accusite right off of it. (lesson # 2 - Keep your bow out of harms way) Then she ran into the living room and pulled all his deer mounts off the wall and threw them out the front door and into the yard...He said...."Man, I promise...I never laid a hand on her....Then she ran over to the phone and dialed 911 and hung up....Looked at him and said, How do you like that?....The Police called back and she told them to get over there ASAP....then hung up and told him she was going to make sure he went to jail for spousal abuse...long story short, the police came and arrested her for Domestic Violence for throwing all his things around and tearing his shirt....(Lesson #3 - Dont call 911 unless you really have an emergency) there are plenty of others in the world that really need thier attention!....

Hope you learned something!

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Wow, she actually busted up his new bow? Sheesh, that's almost grounds for justifiable homicide. Well, nothing justifies killing your spouse or inflicting bodily harm, but this sounds like she definitely went over the edge. I pray the poor guy has a good home-owners policy.
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