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  1. I finally got around to mounting my fan from my first Arizona Turkey. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Screenshot_20201017-183029_Gallery.jpg
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  2. I like the copper face plate. Where did you get it?
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  3. Nice, I have tagged many Thunder Chickens, Have never done this to any, Its pretty Cool Looking Fan and the copper is nice and represents AZ in a Different way if you think About it.

    I think Ferns, and Nate Boys and his daughter fought over my tail feathers last year on whom had the most. Boys will be Boys or Girls. The breast was one of the best eating Ive ever had, Young, smaller bird, in a turkey bag in oven. Ya I know, No pics of cook bag, you guys can Imagine it. I did post bird pics though.
  4. I have an old fan mount that was my father's first turkey. So now I have two in my office/trophie room. Don't think I will do any more unless and until I get one of the different kinds. I think it would be cool to have the grand slam mounted together.
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    Nice. I have my first fan mounted in a similar mount. I also keep fans from turkey I get and use them for decoy purposes.
  6. OH, But Turkeys are fun to hunt, Its a no pressure hunt from my standpoint, and can hunt them at squirrel camp. Have not gotten a Goulds tag yet, they are as hard to draw and some other hunts in this state, and I don't like to wait years to draw the tag, Maybe do an out of stater for this Turkey.
  7. I love the AZ plaque and will order one to use on my Goulds......whenever I finally get drawn.
    I shot a bunch or turkeys this spring. Found a guy to make a cool plaque from some barnwood for one of my grand slams. Basically used a printer that has saws and lasers instead of ink cartridges to cut out the US and engrave the outline of states where I was successful.
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