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Discussion in 'Small Game' started by Chief, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Just thought I'd let ya all know how I spent my 66th birthday, which was yesterday. We strung 3 strands of barb wire and 1 strand of smooth wire around a spring that that cows had been getting into and fouling, they have a tank they can drink out of but rather not, now they don't have a choice. Probably about 100 yards square , two side of which are rather steep, one side in the muck and slime and top side rather easy. This was a Game & Fish volunteer project along with the NWTF and I don't even hunt turkey :p .
  2. What are the coordinates??
    Great job, Chief. I have been involved in several projects and in the least, is rewarding to give to the sport and not just take.

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    Can't give ya the coordinates, BUT if you or anyone else who is a participating member of this board is lucky enough to get drawn for one of the six tags for 35a I'll be more than happy to take you out there.
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    Great! I hope you get drawn, and I stand by what I said. If you get drawn and want my help all you need do is ask. Did you put in for both of the 35a hunts or just one? I have hunted 35a as my primary area for the past 30 years, so I'm fairly familiar with the area. I just can't get up and down the mountains like I did 30 years ago :D
  5. Just put in for 1 hunt, then unit 22 2nd choice.
    30 years ago?????????? Boy, that brought back memories, I just turned 49 yesterday.
    30 years ago, I was tearin' up the desert, huntin' everything I could. We used to go out during the summer snake hunting. We would get out there just before sunset and usually get home about 2 a.m.
    We always shot them with our bows but did catch a few alive.........oh well, I better quit ramblin' on.
    thanks Chief
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    I turned 66 the day before you turned 49. Still enjoy getting out there as much as I can. There was a time when I could hunt all day every day. Now I can still hunt all day, but not every day. or I can hunt every day but not all day.

    Happy Belated Birthday :beer:
  7. I put in for that hunt 1st choice, and the rest up north. I figure to many years without a tag, If I put in for both of then 1st and 2nd then I would again forfit another tag. so once again those of you looking at MY turkey tag, AVERT your eyes. its mine. LOL


    If I happen to draw one of those tags, you will be the first one to know after I wake back up. LOL
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    Anybody get Goulds in 35a?
  9. didnt get a goulds tag but finally got a tag. . 4a-4b. The middle hunt. May 4-24. After so many years, its about time. Now just finding time to hunt, cause the kids drew the jr. tags in unit 27.