Turkey Scouting.

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by TallPaul, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. TallPaul

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    Well I was able to get away this weekend to start my Turkey scouting. Went camping with my boys and got a little Fishing in also. LOL.

    I found some Turkeys-


    My boys Playing is the snow.
    Camp site
  2. Very nice. Hope yall had fun!

  3. Are they gobblin there? Thet are going wild in my unit.
  4. AZ~ThunderDan

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    I think Tall Paul must be a gangster?

    Looks like a camera "drive-by shooting" of some turkey to me. JK/LOL.

    Great pics TP. Thanks for sharing your outing.

    Question: Did you really name both of your sons... Josh?
  5. TallPaul

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    AZ~, Didn't you know I have a bother named Paul also. :roflpmp:

    Dan that was the best photo I shot. You would have been laughing at me. The kids were.LOL. I was worried about spooking them and try to duck behind some trees and still taking pictures. It was windy and we didn't hear any goobbling going on.
    Here are the other photos. :oops:


    Turkey running for cover. You may be able to their heads by the Time Stamp. :oops:

    They are gone. :mrgreen:

    Okay now for the boys.

    My Josh is in the light shirt. The other Josh is his friend from when we lived in Mesa four years ago. They grew up together. He comes from a broken home. His mother is living with a guy who doesn't want anything to do with her kids.(he was the youngest and had to stay with her) He would stay over our house after school and spend the weekends with us. We move away, but still take him on most weekends. ( So we just consiter him our other son). I intorduced him into hunting with my son. He likes to hunt and fish more than my own son. I end up buying his Licenses and taking him with us. I am not bragging. But if keeps him out of touble. for the last two years he lives with his older bother and girlfriend in an Apt. with two youngins . We just like helping when we can. So far they are fine young men.
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    Good for you Paul! Proud to say that I know ya, if'n more adults took an interest in these kids it would indeed be a better world.

    P.S. Tell your brother Paul I said hello :D
  7. Take your kids hunting and you wont have to hunt for them. Theres something to be said for that statement..

    Paul, I cant wait to get up there. Glad you have made the time to get out and look. I have some info for you that I will try and PM you with in the next couple of days. I need to have my notes in front of me.