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  1. Just talked to a friend that I am meeting tomorrow morning in our hunting spot. He said the Toms are gobblin' already, he said they are really fired up.
    So, I just haveta go and see fer myself...........will post tomorrow night what I find.
  2. you lucky dog

    well you lucky dog to go out in the woods to hear the toms gobblin if there gobbling i hate to say it but then its going to be a hard hunt then. this early in year you may need to break out the box call to get those toms to come in. have fun.

  3. They are gobblin and acting pretty love sick here in Indiana right now. I heard this one gobbling in the yard and started playing with him from in the house and he made a complete u turn walking around the house looking for the hen he was hearing and finally walked back up in the woods on the other side of the house.

  4. Jack, that is a gorgeous turkey.........hopefully one of these years, I can hunt them back east.
    Ok, my trip seemed to be fruitful as the Toms are indeed gobbling, but everything we saw shows the Toms are still alone with no hens.
    Hopefully they will hold out for 4 more weeks and still be rarin' to go.
    There sure is a mess of elk in there, plus saw quite a few whitetail tracks.
    Ran into one guy that was scouting for his archery bull tag that opens in November.....I think he is a lil early.
  5. Way cool, I hope things will still be going good for the hunt Tallpaul and I have in May. And I'm a little envious of the fellow out scouting for elk. Thats the excuse I will be using after turkey season to get the wife to let me out in the woods up that way.LOL... I have a 5a archery bull tag....

  6. hope they dont hen up

    well i hope they dont hen up on you guys that have tags but like i said before if they are gobbling now its not good, they might be hen up in 4 weeks sorry to say it. but it happens when we have ths warm of a winter. they are getting in that mode i would keep tabs on it the best i could. talk to G&F as much as i could call once a week and talk to them about it and see what the birds are doing. and take a box call that will save your ass every time trust me on this i know turkeys!!! hunted them for many years and studied them for many years BOX CALL!!! lol
  7. Have box call will travel. Also have reeds, triple play from quakerboy, with 3 different surfaces. And a little push box call for the kiddo to help out with. Also have 100 yards of pins on the bow. to bad the little stinkers wouldnt sit still long enough to use it. .. Will figure it out somehow.

    Thanks for the info.

  8. a jake call

    well if the birds are hen up use an old hen call with a jake gobble but use a box call this does take time to learn to do if you havent done this before then dont try it. and if you do gobble in the woods make sure you have your back to a big tree. we havent had anyone get shot during turkey season lets keep it that way. only gobble if you need to. we do all the time we know about turkeys, we work with G&F and we are also members and Co-Chairs of an NWTF chapter in kingman. good luck with your hunts.
  9. Coues what part of 5A are u gonna scout fer elk?
  10. Right now the whole thing. LOL... I havent been up that way in several years. So right now all bets are off. I hope to get up there several times this summer and into the fall. Right now mostly looking around and getting the lay oof the land. If you have what might bea good starting point I'm all ears. LOL.... So as of yet I dont know where to start. Probably be the closet point to where I'm at right now which will be the south east corner. LOL.. I also have a 3b North goat tag I will have to scout for as I have never hunted that country. its going to be fun flipping the coin to see which unit I hit during which scouting trip. Got to love. it.