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  1. Ok, who got spring turkey tags?
    I finally got one in my favorite unit, 22.
    I love getting up at 3 am and getting turkeys to shock gobble. It is so cool to hear them gobble from the roost in the still of the night. It sometimes can be heard up to 1/2 mile away.
    I am so looking forward to this hunt, as it is my favorite next to bowhunting elk in the rut.
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    Even more so than the mule deer rut? Sheesh, maybe I'm missing out on all the fun?

    Are you planning on hunting spring turkey with yer bow? I have to believe that bow-hunting turkey really tests ones archery skills?

    Them ugly lil'pilgrims have some incredible eye-sight! :shock: :shock:

  3. I am still trying to get a big tom with my bow. I shot a little jake with my bow a few years ago during teh fall hunt, but I have yet to draw a spring turkey tag!! I don't really know why either. I have put in for various different units, just hoping to get a tag.

    Bowhunting turkeys is a true test in patience and skill. It's fun!!
  4. Yeah, turkey with a bow...........is there another way????
    One thing to remember, blinds work great for turkeys.
    Yeah, Dan it is alot better than muleys in rut.
    I helped this guy on his hunt 2 years ago, and he was so excited he was just like a little kid.
  5. ok, hopefully this image comes out better.....
  6. I just recently purchased a double bull blind and the dvd that came with it is awsome. They have some great footage of head shot turkeys with a guillotine broadhead. I don't shoot that good so I will be using my 12ga. Good luck to all.
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    I'll be out on 13 Feb on a trapping project for Goulds. Areas for release will be the Santa Rita & Catalina Mountains.
  8. I guess now that they have bonus points fer turkeys, I will have to start applying fer Goulds only.
  9. Got unit 27 for spring. Can't wait! Gonna use the bow, but bringing the 12 gauge for backup. :lol: